Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Amazon Strike This Week

It would have been better to write about this before the strike started but I've been preoccupied with massive amounts of police bullshit.

Amazon workers around the world are striking today for better pay, better treatment, and better conditions. For years now, there have been reports of appalling conditions in Amazon warehouses where people work 10 hours a day under grueling quotas that don't leave them enough time to go to the bathroom. Ambulances have taken to just waiting outside these warehouses because workers routinely collapse from exhaustion.

Undercover journalists have been reporting on this shit for a long time, but nothing has changed. Now Darth Bezos is facing a mass workers' strike.

You can support this strike by participating in a coinciding boycott. You've probably heard that Amazon is planning some kind of "deals day" with the most/best sales of the year. This is a deliberate attempt to undermine the strike and keep their profits up. Do not buy from Amazon on the 16th. Don't even visit the website. You can do even better by not visiting Amazon from now until the 18th, as strikes in European countries have already begun.

Addition actions you can take include canceling your Amazon Prime and putting the strike/Amazon's foul treatment of its workers as the reason. You can also boycott other companies owned by Amazon and Darth Bezos. This includes Whole Foods. And Twitch, nerds.

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Jeff Bezos needs to be stopped. He thinks he can do anything he wants because of his money. We all need to buckle down and show him that we find his lack of faith disturbing.

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