Friday, June 8, 2018

Trump Should Have To Read This Tweet Over and Over Until He Dies


If hell were real, he would have to. In a just universe, everyone involved in ICE and border patrol and every one of Trump's allies would have to read this or have this read to them over and over and over for all of eternity.

And as for ICE's statement. Yes, ICE was so embarrassed by the accompanying article that they sent in a statement which I would not have even published but journalism is fucking gutless these days.

It's pure victim blaming. Apparently, you can lose your DREAMer status by committing non-violent misdemeanors that, let's be honest, almost all of us have committed. It's just that most of us haven't been caught. Or if we were, we were white at the time and the police let us off with a warning that  Manuel Antonio Cano Pacheco would not have been given.

According to ICE, because Manuel Antonio Cano Pacheco was caught with drugs a couple times and drunk driving once, he deserved to die. And if the "voluntary departure" bit is even true, I'm betting the full story is a bit more complicated than how it was presented. "Oh he just decided to go to the place where he knew he would die of his own free will!" If that's true then he was clearly suicidal, perhaps due to having his country try to basically murder him before he could even graduate high school.

Maybe all the shit about "we're going to go ahead and deport DREAMers" is what made him feel like he needed some kind of escape? Like into drugs and alcohol? Did you ever think about that?

But I'm guessing that it was something like "you can go voluntarily or we will drag you out of your house, hold you in detention for as long as we feel like, and then deposit you in some random part of the country." Or they promised him those "safeguards" if he left "voluntarily" because he thought they might give him a chance at surviving. Clearly, they did not.


So fuck you all the way up the ass, ICE. Fuck you and your statement. All you care about is your drastically collapsing reputation. You don't give a single fuck about the life you destroyed. I know Trump doesn't, because he's a demon.

Fuck all of you. Manuel Antonio Cano Pacheco's blood is on your hands.

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