Wednesday, June 27, 2018

There Goes The Judicial Branch

Hey, remember when we could have had a halfway reasonable human being on the Supreme Court to replace Scalia but Republicans were like "lol fuck Democracy" and refused to vote on him or any candidate President Obama put forward because he's a black man?

Now we've had a month of 5-4 votes upholding the worst shit in the country.

Gorsuch Casts Decisive Vote as Supreme Court Crushes Public Sector Unions

Supreme Court Upholds Texas Voting Maps That Were Called Discriminatory

Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban in 5-4 vote

Supreme Court Sides With California Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers

And if you think this shit is bad, it's about to get worse.

Justice Kennedy, US Supreme Court's pivotal vote, to retire

Kennedy is the guy who actually gives a fuck about the U.S. Constitution and the justice system, and has helped us gain equal rights for same sex couples and upheld Roe v. Wade time and time again. He's still a piece of shit, because he voted with conservatives on all the awful shit listed above, but we're about to get a second Trump Supreme Court Justice.

We're fucked. Bye bye abortion rights. RIP unions. True story, I just accidentally typed "RIP humans" there, and you know what? Also accurate.

I am extremely bummed out right now. At what point exactly would I be justified in fleeing this country? I know people say I should stay and fight but fuck, for what?

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