Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Strike! Strike! Strike!

The UPS union of 280,000 workers has approved a labor strike! The biggest this country has had in decades!

I told you the teacher's strike was gonna start some shit. Striking works.

I am 100% in support of these brave UPS workers and will jump to a general labor strike as soon as they say the word. I'm already sick of my part time retail job with my boss expecting every employee to do ALL THE THINGS for a wage starting at 50 cents above minimum wage. Seriously we have people doing PR and graphic design and adoption coordination and they want me to do writing for them and I'm going to celebrate the start of this strike by failing to find time to do any on-the-clock writing for the shop as long as I need to put all my attention into making sure that everything else is completely perfect and also I'm paid shit.

Remember, anyone can unionize! There's even a nice Wikihow guide on how to unionize your workplace. I'm gonna go ahead and give that a deeper read myself.

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