Monday, June 18, 2018

So Are Republicans Cool With Trump Licking Un's Asshole Or?

I'm not even sorry for that image that I just put into your head.

It's just weird. Remember the W. Bush presidency when North Korea was part of the "axis of evil"? Now our president has nothing but good things to say about Kim Jong Un after people point out to him the horrible shit he does to his people.

Because he's "strong" and his people (seem to) love him? Because when he speaks people perk up and listen?

Yeah, they have to, or they'll be murdered.

It's yet another one of those things that I feel like we should all be completely losing our minds over, but we're not? Are we too busy losing our minds over the prison camps for children, including the tend city where some kids will die of heat stroke, like 100% chance that will happen, I would bet my entire savings account on it?

And it's good that we're losing our minds on the latter, but here's the thing.

You might have missed this among all the fuckery, but Fox News straight up referred to Donald Trump as a dictator while speculating on the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

People referred to it as a "gaffe," but I saw one commenter point out the possibility that Fox News inserted that on purpose to get their viewers used to the idea of Trump as a dictator and prime them for when he becomes one.

I wasn't so sure at first, being the optimist I am, but now after the meeting, we have Donald Trump praising Un's dictator qualities and actions, and saying he wants to be like that. I mean, we all knew Trump wanted to be a dictator. I just wasn't sure if he actually had the nerve to go after that particular dream.

Of course, Trump excused this by calling some of his praise of Un a "joke," but we all know about the concept of Schroedinger's asshole, right? And after that he continued to praise him and say he has a "very good relationship" with the dictator, in tones that did not convey sarcasm at all. Also, I don't think it's a good idea to, as a president, use sarcasm that often and without making it very clear that it's a joke. Obama knew how to do it right, but Trump is clearly just lying, I doubt he even understands what sarcasm is.

I remember, not long ago, when I was freaked out about Trump licking Putin's asshole. Nothing really came of that, or hasn't yet, though I guess Trump's relationship with Putin has fizzled (if anything because Putin knows when to dump someone the moment they're no longer useful to him). But Trump has somehow found someone even worse to kiss up to.

Even Trump lovers must be taking a moment, right? I thought they hated Kim Jong Un, right? Just last year you were rooting for the total annihilation of the entire country of North Korea regardless of how many millions of innocents died. Are you now going to join in the licking of Kim Jong Un ass?

Midterm elections are approaching fast.

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