Monday, June 4, 2018

Senator Denied Entry Into Migrant Children Holding Facility

So in Texas, they converted a former Walmart into a warehouse holding/detention center for the migrant/refugee children that border patrol/ICE are taking from their parents at the border. We've all seen the photos that are going around exposing the conditions that these kids are living in, but those are actually from 2014. Have things gotten better or worse? I know which option my money is on.

But how can we know? I ask because they're not letting people into these child warehouses to see what the fuck is going on. Senator Merkley of Oregon traveled to this former Walmart last week and they refused to let him in. This was after his team called to try and make an appointment to tour the place and they still said no.

I agree, Senator! We should not have secret child prisons that the public is not allowed to view in any way. That is exactly how you get the most heinous abusive situations, and this place is full of children!

Why is this allowed to exist? Why are we letting them do this to human beings? Abolish ICE and burn down all immigrant detention centers.

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