Friday, June 1, 2018

Republicans Get Accurately Trolled and Are Really Mad About It

This is just funny. Apparently someone changed the GOP Wikipedia page to say that one of their core values is nazism, and because this one old Republican doesn't have any clue how Google works, he freaked out on the company when nazism appeared in the party definition after a search.

The Real Reason Google Search Labeled the California GOP as Nazis

If you Googled the California Republican Party earlier this week, the so-called "knowledge panel" that's supposed to surface the most relevant results would have told you that the party's primary ideologies are conservatism, market liberalism, and, oh, Nazism. 
Conservatives have been quick to point fingers at Google and other tech giants, claiming another example of perceived liberal bias in Silicon Valley. In a tweet Thursday, House majority leader Kevin McCarthy posted a screenshot of the result—first reported by Vice—and called it a "disgrace." But in reality, the result in question has far less to do with any widespread scheme within Big Tech to defame the Republican party than it does with Google's imperfect reliance on Wikipedia and other easily manipulated open platforms to populate its search results. 
According to a Google spokesperson, the Wikipedia page for the California Republican Party was "vandalized" so that Nazism was listed as one of its core ideologies. Wikipedia's change logs confirm that assertion, and show that the edit was live from May 24 to May 30. Because Google scrapes Wikipedia to populate the knowledge panel, the short-lived change slipped into search results.

Well done, whoever changed that Wikipedia page. You made the news thanks to this ignorant and super mad Republican. Plus, let's be honest, you actually made that Wikipedia page more accurate. Keep up the good work.

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