Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Today is a day for vague headlines.

But that is seriously the perfect headline for this revelation. Because it's one of those things that makes perfect sense and you can't believe you'd never even considered this as a possibility before but OF COURSE.

Seniors Are More Conservative Because the Poor Don’t Survive to Become Seniors

This makes so much sense because evidence strongly suggests that for the vast majority of people, their political positions don't change much over the course of their lives, and if they do then they just get more extreme rather than cross the line from left to right or right to left. As opposed to the myth that people tend to be liberal when they're young and then become conservative as they get older.

Some people do "switch sides" as they say, like in the case of my parents who have become liberals after starting out conservative. But as they show, it doesn't always go from left to right. So why ARE more old people conservative? Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Political participation of the poor is overall lower because of poverty, bad health and many other factors, but millions of impoverished Americans across the country also die prematurely. For instance, in 2015, research funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Social Security Administration revealed that, since 1990, among the bottom quarter of Americans with the least education, life expectancy has either stagnated or decreased. That’s for well over 40 million people. 
Add to this negative trend the fact that mortality among the poor increases during middle age — which is when citizens generally get more involved in politics. The premature disappearance of the poor, then, occurs precisely at the moment when they would be expected to reach their “participatory peak” in society. But they don’t live long enough to achieve that milestone.

Of course. Of COURSE. Poor people are disproportionately liberal/leftist because the policies of the right fuck up their lives, whether because they keep them poor/make them poorer or because poverty disproportionately affects marginalized populations. And these are the same people who die early, while conservatives live forever because they can afford the best healthcare. Because they're rich. Because the right's policies are designed to benefit them.

That is fucked up and if possible just moved me farther to the left. This is why I keep saying that Republicans want poor people to die. Because the dead can't vote or revolt.

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