Thursday, June 21, 2018

Oh, Excuse Me, Now They're FAMILY Concentration Camps

So, we got the news that Trump signed an executive order ending the separation of kids from parents at the border like 20 minutes after I posted that masterpost. But it's not anywhere close to over, because all those kids already in the tent cities and abandoned warehouse stores are still there, and there are no plans to reunite them with their parents.

Oh, and also, what Lord Dampnut is really trying to do with this executive order is extend detention for all immigrant families including children to "indefinitely." So forever prisons for entire families including babies without trial. It's only a matter of time until they start making them work.

Big corporations have already made millions off of the construction and management of the child concentration camps. I'm estimating about a week before it comes out that these companies have close ties to Trump. How else can we profit off of mass human suffering?

I've read different opinions on whether the indefinite detention of minors will hold up in court. But there will definitely be lawsuits.

All this is really just so fucked up. And with the indefinite detention of entire families currently active policy, the government is "rushing" to build more of those tent cities where people will have no air conditioning in the Texas summer heat. We still have kids in concentration camps and they're actively building more and worse family concentration camps.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if I should just take all the money I have, travel to the border, and protest these prison camps until I have to beg for bus money back home/my family drugs me and drags me back home.

Also this:

Asylum Seekers Do Not Harm a Host Country's Economy

Just more evidence to add to the pile. Honestly if this country's entire economy collapsed because of the lack of exploited migrants, I would smile in my own tent city because I'm guessing I would become homeless, but fuck WORTH IT.

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