Thursday, June 7, 2018

How To Ally

Everyone is talking about this guy:

First of all, nobody has been able to identify this guy so far, and if you do know who he is and by some wild coincidence also read this blog, keep that shit to yourself. Trump bootlickers will make this guy's life hell if they find out who he is.

Second, this is a great example of small but still very brave things you can do as an ally. There are rumors (or it might have been confirmed) that all the people who attended the petty Trump anti-Eagles whine-fest/patriotism wank were just White House staffers and interns. So this guy might have already been fired, or at the very least he risked being fired. But even if not, this is still great, especially now that everyone has seen it.

If my fellow white people want to ally, we should all be kneeling at every national anthem. I mean not at other nation's national anthems probably but any time the U.S. national anthem is played. I probably didn't need to clarify.

Well done random white guy. You made an already really funny and pathetic event even worse for Trump.

I mean seriously he's being such a baby about being snubbed by a football team. I still can't believe this fucking guy is our president ugh, the secondhand embarrassment is too much sometimes.

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