Monday, June 4, 2018

Here's Fascism!


I don't know if you've been paying attention, but the shit still going on in the White House is still utterly absurd and ridiculous beyond the most heavy-handed satire. Like, it's still pretty much at least once a week just... WHAT THE FUCK.

On Saturday, the New York Times published information from a letter that had been sent by Trump’s attorneys to the special counsel’s office. In the letter, Trump’s legal team asserted not just that Trump can’t be prosecuted for obstruction, but that it’s impossible for Trump to obstruct—because Trump has the ability to nip any investigation in the bud. And should Trump not act quickly enough to prevent the start of an investigation, he can always act retroactively by pardoning anyone caught up in its findings. 
Under this interpretation, Trump need not respond to a request for an interview by the special counsel. Or a subpoena from the grand jury. Or … anything at all. He is utterly exempt from legal actions.

I mean if this is the case, could anyone really be blamed for trying to assassinate this guy? He is so clearly trying to become Putin.

Like if he's just going to shit all over the rule of law then why do we have to follow it? If he pardons himself, are we just going to accept that? We've already accepted so much. Like obviously I'm not keeping up on the legal fuckery going on in the White House AT ALL. The vast majority of people have stopped paying attention because how else are you supposed to cope with your country becoming a fascist state?

I guess this is just going to happen. It's the ultimate confirmation that the U.S. is not and never has been better than any other country in the world. 

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