Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Conservative Man Blocks Bill To Criminalize 'Upskirting'

A bill that would have made the act of deliberately photographing up a person's skirt without their consent a crime in England and Wales was derailed by a single man shouting "object" during the debate on the bill, which had widespread support in the British government. This man's name is  Christopher Chope, a conservative MP. No explanation could be found by me as to why Chope objects to criminalizing this disgusting and violating and objectifying act, other than it "wasn't debated."

Leave it to a man to derail everything because he hasn't seen an issue that doesn't affect him debated, and because he apparently thinks "let's not let gross dudes stick their cell phones up women's skirts and take photos without their consent" needs formal debate.

Oh, and he doesn't even know what the fuck upskirting is.

Sir Christopher has yet to speak out about why he blocked the bill but upskirting victim Gina Martin - who started the campaign for the new law - said he had told her he objected to it "on principle" because it "wasn't debated". 
She also told the BBC that he said he "wasn't really sure" what upskirting was.

Well, I'm sure you'll get a thorough education now, Chris. Also, everyone hates you now, and you deserve it.

The bill will get a second chance to pass, and hopefully this time, no clueless, jackass men will object to making something that is a hair away from sexual assault a crime.

Meanwhile, make sure to let everyone in the world know that Chope is a piece of shit.

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