Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Child Concentration Camps Masterpost


There's a headline I never thought I would have to write.

There's far too much horrifying shit involved with this issue to go over in regular blog posts. So I'm just going to list it all here so you can look at it and die inside.

Section 1: Fucked Up Shit Conservatives Have Said About It

Section 2: The Fucked Up Details About the Policy

Section 3: Concentration Camp Conditions and Abuse

Section 4: Republican Lies About the Issue

  • This Facebook post debunks the lies that separating children from parents is a Democrat/Obama policy, that this will deter immigrants from coming here, immigrants are coming to take our jobs, that this is about "respecting the rule of law," that this is better than keeping the children with their parents in adult detention centers, that there is rampant fraud in our asylum system, that this is a Democrat law and Democrats could change it with a snap of their fingers, that parents and children will be reunited quickly, and that the policy is legal at all.

Section 5: What You Can Do to Help

Section 6: Related Bullshit

Section 7: Times We Did the Same Thing in U.S. History

  • Slavery
  • Native American genocide
  • Japanese internment camps
  • Juvenile detention centers (see: slavery)

I'll be adding much more to this over time, I'm sure.

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