Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Amazing Women of Color

This sounds like the best thing to have happened to the U.S. justice system ever.

South Fulton, GA, makes history as its entire criminal justice system is led by black women

One down, the entire rest of the country to go.

I'm kidding, of course. We also need criminal justice systems led by Native American women and Latina women, and other women of color. But all-black-women criminal justice in Georgia? That's just right.

Six of those women hold the highest positions in the city's law enforcement arm: Chief of Police Sheila Rogers, Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers, Court Administrator Lakesiya L. Cofield, Clerk of Court Ramona Howard, Solicitor LaDawn Jones and Public Defender Viveca Powell. 
“This is something that happened organically, but it’s a wonderful thing,” Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers said. “We bring our experience as African-American women, mothers, and wives to the table every day. So when we’re making those decisions, we certainly don’t forget our experiences.”

Kick ass. I can't wait to hear about how much better criminal justice is run in South Fulton than anywhere else. I can't wait for all the racist cops to be purged and violent cops prosecuted.

It's not as good as police being abolished altogether, but this is way better than the norm, which is justice systems run entirely by white men.

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