Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Things Are Better

So I was having some issues, financial worries, feeling very anxious and like a bad cat owner. But in a short space of time, some things fell into place and I got some good news, and things feel a lot better.

Sometimes a bunch of bad things happen at once and things seem awful. Then sometimes a bunch of good things happen at once and everything gets better. I need to remember this, and I'm saying these seemingly common sense statements here now because it's hard for anyone to remember that shit tends to turn out okay when things are bad.

Also, if your vet wants to charge you a lot of money for a procedure, it's okay to shop around.

Maybe even things in the world will get better, politically and culturally. I mean, sure, the Supreme Court just shat on unions and workers in general in the U.S., but maybe that will convince people that it would be easier to bypass corporate unions and just gather in mobs to drag their bosses out into the streets and take all their stuff.

We don't need a Supreme Court to tell us that we can organize. It doesn't need to be "legal." They can go ahead and try to stop us, because they can't stop us all.

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