Monday, May 21, 2018

The Texas Shooter Was Not a Nice Guy

Another shooter, another guy associated with nazis and general fascists, and another guy who turned to deadly violence in response to being rejected by a girl.

Texas school shooter killed girl who turned down his advances and embarrassed him in class, her mother says

One of Pagourtzis' classmates who died in the attack, Shana Fisher, "had 4 months of problems from this boy," her mother, Sadie Rodriguez, wrote in a private message to the Los Angeles Times on Facebook. "He kept making advances on her and she repeatedly told him no." 
Pagourtzis continued to get more aggressive, and she finally stood up to him and embarrassed him in class, Rodriguez said. "A week later he opens fire on everyone he didn't like," she wrote. "Shana being the first one." 

 Meanwhile, news outlets keep saying shit like this:

"We are gratified by the public comments made by other Santa Fe High School students that show Dimitri as we know him: a smart, quiet, sweet boy," the family statement said.

He harassed a girl for four months.

"Never seen a problem out of that child," said Richard Wallace, recalling how Pagourtzis would come around every year for Halloween. 
Another neighbor, Bobbie Owen, said Pagourtzis and his younger sister helped her carry in Christmas packages last year.

He harassed a girl for four months.

Mr. Pagourtzis had no known confrontations with law enforcement, Mr. Abbott added. “As far as having a criminal history, he has none. His slate is pretty clean.” 
In many ways, Mr. Pagourtzis was a part of the Santa Fe community. 
He made the honor roll. He played defensive tackle on a school football team that was the pride of the town. His family was involved in the Greek Orthodox Church.

He harassed a girl for months. He wore the Iron Cross and was associated with neo-nazi shit. He brought a gun to school and murdered 10 people.

Stop talking about how he didn't seem like the kind of guy who would do this. White supremacy and toxic masculinity has combined in this country and escalated to the point that it could spark a murderous rampage in any white man or white teen boy at any time. That's what happens when you teach white boys and men that people of color and women owe them something they're not getting and/or are taking something from them that is naturally theirs, and teach them that committing violence is their right and anger is the only emotion they're allowed to express.

This will keep happening until these lessons stop.

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