Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Request for Donations

Because of the lack of stability afforded to many of us in late-stage capitalism, it looks like I'm not going to be making very much money at all this week, which is not great. So I figured I'd ask for donations.

I promise not to freak out on anybody this time if you do donate any amount. If I ask for donations I should probably just accept them, right? Mmmmm guilt issues.

The best way to donate to me is through Paypal, and here is my Paypal.me link.

Otherwise you could donate through my Patreon which I still have for some reason.

At least I'll have plenty of time to blog this week? Hahaha just kidding I'll be putting all my energy into pitching articles to try and make up for the lack of paid work. Mmmm capitalism.

Thanks for donating/reading my bullshit.

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