Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Meghan Markle's Feminist Wedding Kicks Out the Homeless

So I got this article in an email this morning, lol.

Meghan Markle Makes Online Debut to Turn Feminism Into Front-Page News

For a few days last week, the world stood still — gazing in awe at the grandiose spectacle of fabulous dresses, vigorously waved flags, and, to be absolutely fair, military hats not too dissimilar to what Cheryl Tweedy wore in 2009’s “Fight For This Love” music video. 
But love it or loathe it, you cannot deny that royal fever has provoked a seismic shift. Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, has got the entire British press talking about something vital: feminism.

Oh how wonderful! This rich woman who threw a grandiose spectacle for her wedding is a feminist! And as we all know, wealthy, capitalist feminists make the best feminists. They care about all the women.

Just kidding.

These are the headlines I've been interested in about this latest royal wedding:

Windsor council leader calls for removal of homeless before royal wedding

Police in Windsor Are Seizing Homeless People’s Belongings Before the Royal Wedding

And then:

Fans camp out ahead of royal wedding

OH MY GOD so okay camping out on the streets is unseemly for tourists and the royal family but if they're tourists themselves then it's fine.

And finally:

Charity enraged after police impound rough sleepers' bus ahead of royal wedding

So a charity volunteered to take care of the homeless people displaced by this "grandiose spectacle" and police impound it. Police said it was because of an "issue with the driver's license" but why the fuck do you have to impound the entire bus for that?? Just call the charity and get someone over there with the proper license.

Stop fucking lying and just admit you don't want tourists to know you have a homelessness problem in your city, and you'd prefer it if homeless people just went off into the woods and died.

So please excuse me if I'm unimpressed by Meghan Markle's feminism after she and her new husband spend a shit ton of money on a "grandiose spectacle" while more and more people suffer homelessness in the city where your pointless fake monarchy still exists. I am glad to see a little color get into that very white royal blood, but call me when Markle starts doing anything to help poor women, including those that her goddamn wedding hurt.

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