Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Knew About Incels


I haven't yet written about the incel mass murderer in Toronto who ran over multiple people in his van because he was mad about not getting laid. I guess it's because I'm not at all surprised something like this happened. I predicted that one of these dudes would commit heinous acts of violence when I learned about their existence years ago.

It's weird being in the know about a culture that suddenly mainstream media outlets are interested in. I don't remember exactly where I first read the term incel but I think it might have been from an actual self-identifying incel and I had to look it up. Because I've argued with these gross fucks online. I've received comments on this very blog from men trying to advertise some women-rejecting philosophy.

Yes, they are intensely misogynistic. Yes, they are intensely entitled little shits. They are the inevitable result of a society that treats women like objects to be fucked, of rape culture, and of media that says men need to have a certain amount of notches on their bedposts or they're not men. This was going to happen.

Somebody has blood on their hands and it is not the women who didn't want anything to do with this violent, misogynistic, hateful and generally awful piece of shit in Toronto.

Today is the funeral of two grandmothers that he murdered. Good going, fucko. Killing those horrible grandmas who wouldn't fuck you, I guess. Rot in prison and die ugly.

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