Friday, May 25, 2018

Forced Patriotism is the Best Patriotism

Actually I think patriotism is generally a bad thing. It's just a step away from nationalism. I'd rather be extremely critical of the nation I live in, especially if it's one of the shittiest in things like education and deaths during childbirth and is constantly running around shitting on other nations and murdering people for more power and money. We really suck.

Anyway, did you head that the NFL decided they're going to fine players for kneeling during the national anthem? Nothing says freedom like fining people for political protest.

Hey remember when football players used to hang out in the locker room during the national anthem? But in 2009 the Department of Defense started paying NFL teams to "stage on-field patriotic ceremonies"? Great use of money while we have an obscenely high veteran suicide rate because the DoD won't use hardly any of the ridiculous amount of money it has to take care of the people it spends so many millions to recruit only to give them PTSD and then dump them on the streets.

But seriously, everyone should be able to recognize that forced patriotism isn't patriotism at all. Do we think the people of North Korea really love their country, or are they forced to pretend, and that's horrible? Even if you think patriotism is good, you should recognize that this is not patriotism, but fascism in the making. If we accept it for NFL players, how long before this is imposed on the rest of us? And you know, most of us can't afford to pay hefty fines for protesting. Don't you want to be able to protest the government next time a black person becomes president?

My point is that if you don't boycott the NFL this year, you're accepting fascism. Don't watch that bullshit until they reverse that rule.

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