Thursday, May 31, 2018

Don't Stop Talking About Migrant Children Being Separated From Parents

Keep spreading the stories of the migrants and asylum seekers who are having their babies torn from their arms at the border by heartless ICE agents until it stops.

Asylum-seeker torn from her 18-month-old child: 'He was screaming as the car drove away'

When we woke up the next morning, immigration officers brought us outside where there were two government cars waiting. They said that I would be going to one place, and my son would go to another. I asked why repeatedly, but they didn't give me a reason. 
The officers forced me to strap my son into a car seat. As I looked for the buckles, my hands shook, and my son started to cry. Without giving me even a moment to comfort him, the officer shut the door. I could see my son through the window, looking back at me -- waiting for me to get in the car with him -- but I wasn't allowed to. He was screaming as the car drove away.

This will never not be evil, not matter how you try to spin it. And now we have detention centers filling up with children. We already know that prisons are terrible for kids and always cause psychological damage, and these detention centers are no different.

The Trump administration’s horrific policy has led to a surge in the number of separated children, with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) saying it had separated 10,773 children, up from 8,886 in late April. As a result, designated detention facilities for children are nearing-capacity.

That's some real good dystopian future shit right there.

Abolish ICE. Open the borders.

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