Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Black Woman Died Because Pilot Refused To Divert Plane

This incident from 2016 is getting new attention as the family files a lawsuit against American Airlines for the death of a 25-year-old nurse who suffered an embolism in the middle of a flight.

Her family alleged in their complaint that Oswell began slurring her speech and fainted, later vomiting and defecating over herself. They claimed a doctor on the flight, also a passenger, treated Oswell and told flight attendants an emergency landing needed to be made in order for the nurse to receive medical attention. 
In the suit, the family alleges the doctor spoke to the plane’s pilot about Oswell’s symptoms, but he refused to land after speaking with another doctor on the ground.

I don't know about anybody else but if someone both vomits on and shits themselves on my flight, I'm landing at the closest place with a hospital and a strip of land. It's not perfectly clear from the article exactly when the decision was made, but I don't understand why another doctor "on the ground" was even necessary or why the pilot couldn't change his fucking mind when Brittany Oswell's heart stopped.

I can't imagine the pain Oswell's new husband and her family felt. I can't imagine being on that plane with Oswell and the panic, the rage, the helplessness and my loved one died before my eyes while the fucking pilot refused to divert the plane to save a life.

United Airlines recently diverted a flight because a dog was loaded onto the wrong plane. Nobody and no dog was in danger. The dog was just not where it was supposed to be.

This is why we say black lives matter. Because if you looked at these two stories side by side, you'd think that black lives in this country mattered less than that of dogs.

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