Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Bit of Fun and Happy News This Thursday Morning

It's still morning where I am shut up.

Someone threw a drink at Tomi Lahren and restaurant patrons broke into applause as she stormed out

We’re told when Lahren got up to leave the restaurant, a woman sitting at Madison’s table threw a glass of water on the conservative mouthpiece. Madison claims that “literally the entire restaurant started cheering.” 
We spoke with the bouncer in the video, Jeremy Jackson (not that one), who said that Tomi claimed she saw the brunch group “scowling at her” on her way out of the eatery and said, “Just another day in the life” as she walked by them. That’s apparently when the drink was sent flying. 
Patrons immediately took out their cell phones to record the aftermath while a “F**k that bitch” chant erupted in the background.

What, does the special snowflake Tomi Lahren thing she's entitled to being dry? Or to not having things thrown at her? Maybe she should work harder at not being a racist piece of shit who attacks oppressed people for money.

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