Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Reminder That Trump is Still Pandering to White Supremacists


Not to ruin your day or anything but come along back to reality for a bit before you distract yourself with something (which I don't blame you for, I'm gonna write this and then play some Overwatch).

Trump and his troll army declare war on "caravan" of migrants fleeing persecution

When news broke of a “caravan” of peaceful Central American migrants marching toward Mexico and the United States, anti-immigrant activists and hate groups went on high alert and began a concerted effort to demonize the marchers and harass the organizers. President Trump quickly displaced his Easter Sunday message with a string of attacks on the migrants, who are seeking political asylum as they flee persecution and human rights violations in their countries of origin.

I don't think I've yet taken the time to mention how much I hate that this "caravan" is being demonized so hard by the right but I fucking hate it and every person who demonizes these desperate people trying to save their children from horrific deaths, rape, being forced into gangs, etc. might as well murder those kids themselves if they hate them so much, then get on a rocket and blast themselves into the sun, which is almost as hot as the hell that they deserve to burn in.

The rest of this SPLC report explains how Trump went from a Tomi Lahren interview on Fox News and proceeded to echo rhetoric from white supremacist and anti-immigrant hate groups about this group of mostly women and children fleeing the violence we caused in their home countries. It also explains how the white supremacist/"alt-right" troll mobs created tweet storms attacking these refugees, doxxing organizers of the caravan, and publishing articles on neo-nazi sites like the Daily Stormer calling these desperate humans "mud" and other dehumanizing terms.

Meanwhile, Trump deploys the National Guard to the border.

Anyone in the National Guard who obeys this deployment is a jackboot thug murderer piece of shit, by the way.

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