Thursday, April 19, 2018

Persecuted Black Activist Could Be Forced To Give Birth In Prison

Siwatu-Salama Ra, a dedicated environmental activist since age 19, has been sentenced to 2 years in prison on a bullshit charge that once again demonstrates the racism behind "Stand Your Ground" laws.

#FreeSiwatu: Pregnant Black Detroit Activist Jailed for Standing Her Ground & Protecting Her Family

She campaigned against the Marathon oil refinery and the Detroit Renewable Power trash incinerator. She represented Detroit at the Paris climate summit. She’s also worked to engage kids and educate young mothers about nutrition. Now, at age 26, Siwatu has been sentenced to a mandatory two years in prison, following an incident in which she brandished her unloaded—and legally registered—handgun while defending her mother and 2-year-old daughter. She was sentenced last month to two years in prison even though she is scheduled to give birth in June.

This is a serious activist. She's stood up against oil companies and represented the entire city of Detroit. It's no surprise that once certain people had the chance to get her into prison, they took it. It's unbelievably cruel considering the fact that she's pregnant, though it would screw her life up regardless. These people have no souls.

It also exposes how ridiculously racist the argument that "people need guns for protection" is when any time a black woman tries to use a gun to protect herself and family without harming a soul, she gets thrown in prison. Gun laws in this country are a joke. This country is a joke.

The details in the interview are even worse. She's already been shackled during doctors visits to the point that her legs go numb. She's also Muslim and her religious rights are not being respected. They're giving her food with pork in it that she can't eat. So she's been losing weight. While pregnant.

If there was any justice, Siwatu would get a full pardon. #FreeSiwatu

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