Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hello I Will Kill Anyone Who Lays A Hand On This Girl

There are so many incredible and very young heroes coming out of the Parkland school shootings and this black Jewish girl may be my favorite.

11-Year-Old Gun Control Activist Taunted Because She’s Black And Jewish

Wadler has given interviews to several news outlets in recent days. She told Elle magazine in an April 9 interview that she has experienced discrimination both for being black and Jewish. 
She said that two years ago while playing a game with a classmate, he told her she should be the slave or beggar woman because she is black. The same classmate said she could not also be Jewish because “there aren’t black people who are Jews. “ 
After she told the Huffington Post in an interview posted on Saturday that she wanted to be executive editor of the New York Times one day, she added that she would be the first black woman in the position. The she joked that she could be the “First Ethiopian woman. And then on and on until we get to Ethiopian Jewish woman. And then I can be the first immigrant.”

I will follow her to hell and back. Anyone who threatens her can literally come fight me. See how you handle coming out from behind your Twitter handle and facing an actual adult with 29 years of anger behind her.

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