Monday, April 9, 2018

Fox News Racists Can't Handle Black Excellence

Water is wet.

So you might have heard of Mike Brown, and no I'm not talking about the Mike Brown from Ferguson who was murdered by police. I'm talking about a living Mike Brown - the one who applied to the 20 best universities in the U.S. and was accepted to all of them with full rides because he's that amazing. A video of him and his family reacting to the news has spread across the internets, even reaching the mainstream white supremacist bastion known as Fox News.

So they dragged him through the mud just like they dragged the other Mike Brown, because they are the most petty, jealous, and pathetic of my fellow white people. And they did it using the same rhetoric they use to attack affirmative action, despite it making zero sense.

Do they not understand what a wait list is?

God forbid a black teen demonstrate and celebrate his excellence. How could he do that when it puts a few probably white kids who would have been just barely qualified for acceptance on the wait list for a bit? Because all black people should be worried about is the anxiety of us white people, as though they didn't have to already worry about that constantly.

The above paragraph was all sarcasm.

Fuck you, Fox News. If you hadn't found a way to criticize this black teen, you never would have done a story on his excellence. Fuck all those white women. I can't wait to see the Fox News buildings burn.

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