Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Everybody Wants To Raise the Minimum Wage

Except super rich fucks and assholes. The polls don't lie.

The Restaurant Industry Ran A Private Poll On the Minimum Wage. It Did Not Go Well For Them.

Not just the restaurant industry, though.

One of the nation’s most powerful anti-minimum wage lobbying groups tapped a longtime Republican pollster to survey the public about a range of issues impacting the industry. 
A significant chunk of the survey focused on attitudes toward the minimum wage — and many members of the powerful lobby group aren’t going to like the results. 
The poll — which was presented on a slide deck obtained by The Intercept and Documented — found that seven in 10 Americans want to see the minimum wage raised even if it means that they’d have to pay more for meals. It also found that the industry’s various talking points against raising the wage are mostly falling flat with the general public.


When you're a huge anti-minimum wage lobby and you tap a Republican pollster to do a poll on the minimum wage and it finds that a strong majority of people want it to be raised.

Of course, $10 per hour isn't nearly enough, but it would help people in states that use the pathetic federal minimum wage a LOT. So. Just imagine 70% of Americans converging on the white house. I'm just saying.

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