Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What Kind of Racist Bullshit

This is a local issue for me. Edmonds is fairly close to Seattle and still considered to be in a liberal area. It's also very close to a reservation, so the population of Native people is high.

Mom calls Edmonds school assignment racist

That's an understatement.

Shawna Gallagher’s 11-year-old son Blaine was given a writing assignment at Meadowdale Elementary School asking him to describe his feelings after seeing a group of white colonists get slaughtered at the hands of "Indians." 
"You have welcomed them into your homes, and have often shared your meals, your good times and your sorrows," read the assignment. "Many of the colonists were killed at their dinner table as they shared their meal with their 'friends.'" 
Students were told to, "Express your conflicting feelings toward the Indians."

Are you fucking kidding me right now?

What was this teacher trying to do? Apparently this was an extra assignment not required by the curriculum, so that makes it mildly better, but seriously, what the fuck? Is this some kind of attempt to make students empathize with the colonizers? You realize the entire U.S. education system already does that, right?

Whether the scenario proposed in the assignment, which you can see in full at the link, ever actually happened or anything close to it happened is suspect. What we do know is that the kind of shit pulled in this imaginary incident was pulled by the white invaders all the time.

Broken treaties. Smallpox blankets. Betrayal. WE did that. Not the indigenous peoples. Hell, we're STILL breaking treaties today. So fuck off with this "but how do you think the colonists felt" shit. Fuck off with this "but Indians killed us white people too!"

Jakala said the assignment will not be used again and the district is looking into additional checks and balances for supplemental assignments to make sure outdated, inappropriate content is not presented to children. 
She said she cannot comment on whether the teacher involved will be disciplined.

She better be. I'll be watching.

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