Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Austin Bomber Was an Actual Suicide Bomber

I mentioned that they "caught" this guy yesterday but what I missed about the story is that the fact that he blew himself up when the police got close to him makes him a literal suicide bomber. Yet I've only seen one person call him that. No news outlets are like "this suicide bomber..."

Can you imagine if he had been Muslim? Not only would every news outlet on the planet be calling him a suicide bomber, people would be LOSING THEIR MINDS because a Muslim terrorist came to the U.S. and tried to suicide bomb the cops to death. But he's white so he's the "baby-faced bomber" who had no criminal record.

You know who had no criminal records at all? His black victims.

Let's also remember that black people don't have to be prodigies to matter when they're murdered by a white supremacist/domestic terrorist. But also, you'd think the media or White House could find something good to say about these black men. But no. Nothing.

White supremacy must end.

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