Tuesday, March 6, 2018

NRA Goes Full Batman Villain With New Openly Threatening Video


This spokesperson for the NRA is making it way too tempting to use language that I'm trying hard to get away from.

What kind of cartoon villain shit is this?

Wow lol could you be more dramatic? Somebody get the Bat Signal going.

Actually Batman fighting the NRA and a representation of the shithead in this video would be amazing and I'm begging DC to get on that.

I'm just sitting here wondering what kind of people are behind this ad. Like, I don't know if that lady is just acting for money and is REALLY good at the "I'm going to fucking murder you" face, but somebody is serious behind these words.

I especially love the part where she says "to the people using their freedom of speech to..." and then of course the conclusion is "WE'RE GOING TO MURDER YOU." So much freedom oh my god.

You know there's a cis man behind this just getting the biggest hardon from seeing his words come out of the mouth of an attractive white lady. Like he must just be masturbating to it constantly. "YES OPENLY THREATEN TO SHOOT THOSE LIBERALS TO DEATH UHHHHHHHHNNN."

And the funny thing is that most gun users are like "uhhhhhhh nope fuck the NRA" and most NRA members are for common sense gun control. Though at this point I don't know why you'd be a member of the NRA unless you have the same sick power fantasy of murdering people you don't like with death machines because you're too weak to fix your problems like an adult. The same power fantasies that keep creating these daily mass shootings.

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