Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nazi Speech At MSU Didn't Go So Well


So Richard Spencer came to Michigan State University to give a hate speech yesterday, and it didn't go well for him or his fans at all. Reports are coming in from antifa groups that they literally ran him out of town, and his fans were arrested after they were found to be in possession of illegal weapons.

We are literally on vice right now 
And our team chased Richard Spencer out of town for an hour and a half till he called the cops. Both groups were detained. Both vehicles searched and... 
The Nazis had illegal weapons and were all arrested and Richard Spencer is in jail!! 
Our team is free!!! 
Holy shit!!! 
This may mean he won’t be able to give his speech! 
Update: it appears he was just caught and released but his Lackeys were charged

The speech did happen, but it was delayed and few were able to make it inside thanks to protester efforts.

“What happened outside was really worrisome and heinous,” Spencer said Monday evening. “That was an attempt to use violence to prevent people from attending a speech that was peaceful.” 
He said that more than 150 tickets had been distributed, but many people were not able to get through the chaos outside. “In terms of suppressing attendance, they really achieved that.”

"Boo-hoo-hoo why won't people let my nazi ass talk about how we should kill all black and brown people?????"

It's so great to see the increasing resistance to the rise of fascism and white supremacy in this country. Hopefully that will continue even after they have to crawl back into their holes so that we can counter the less overt forms of white supremacy in this country. But I'm proud to be antifa today.

Go home, nazis!

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