Friday, March 9, 2018

Everybody Did IWD Better Than Us

And by "us" I mean the U.S. Get it?

Anyway, this is a pretty good roundup of how a bunch of nations celebrated International Women's Day:

International Women’s Day 2018: Beyond #MeToo, With Pride, Protests and Pressure

Women organized massive one-day strikes in many countries. I didn't hear about any such thing in the U.S., just a small rally in Seattle that I didn't go to. We need to organize something as good as the West Virginia teacher's strike where the entire state of teachers went on strike. Imagine if like half the women in the U.S. went on strike, and not just for a day, but until our demands were met. But it has to be organized so well, like we have to raise funds in advance to endure that ALL the women who can't afford to miss a day of work are taken care of. That's how you strike.

We're so afraid of striking but in the Philipines, where thousands of people have been murdered just for being accused of taking drugs, women marched to denounce the President. In China, women marched against President Xi Jinping, who just got his term limit extended to life. In Afghanistan, they marched in defiance of the Taliban. And so much more.

We white, U.S. feminists could learn a thing or two. Well done, women of the world! Kick ass!

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