Thursday, March 29, 2018

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Spiderman's done with everybody's shit.

Don't Defend Amazon


The neo-liberals are at it again.

Look, I know it's confusing that Donald Trump is going after Amazon for not paying any taxes while Jeff Bezos rakes in billions. I know it's hard to agree with him on anything. If it makes you feel better, he's probably just doing it because he's jealous of how much more money Bezos has than him and/or generally threatened by his power. And/or hates him for publicly tweeting about wanting to send Trump into space. Take your pick.

But it is absolutely true that Amazon paid nothing in taxes last year and it is absolutely true that the massive corporation should be taxed out the wazoo. If Bezos himself were taxed at 90%, he'd still have over $12 billion. And it's absolutely true that Amazon is becoming a monopoly, if it's not already.

And it's absolutely annoying to see liberals jump to the defense of Amazon, the corporation which is gearing up to enslave us all.

Worse than Wal-Mart: Amazon’s sick brutality and secret history of ruthlessly intimidating workers

Amazon warehouse life ‘revealed with timed toilet breaks and workers sleeping on their feet’

Amazon warehouse jobs push workers to physical limit

Amazon faces fines following the death of a second warehouse worker in as many months

Amazon Employee Attempts Suicide After Sending Email to Colleagues

Amazon is pretty much the devil, folks.

I'm not saying I would expect Trump to actually be able to effectively tax Amazon or similar corporations. I'm sure if any of his companies could reach anything close to the success of Amazon, he wouldn't want them to be taxed. And I wouldn't want Donald Trump to have anything to do with the funds that would be gained from taxing Amazon. He'd probably send it all to the military or find a way to give it to himself and/or his buddies.

But Amazon is seriously horrible. If your first instinct is to defend Amazon just because Trump attacked it, you might need to take a deep breath and consider why you're such a reactionary.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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What a diva.

Anti-Semites Murder Old Woman/Holocaust Survivor

How disgusting can anti-semites get?

Anti-Semitic murder of elderly woman triggers calls for Paris protests

Two men have been jailed in the case, according to the official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media. They were handed preliminary charges of robbery, damaging property, and murder with anti-Semitic motives, he said. 
Francis Kalifat, president of the Jewish group CRIF, said Knoll was stabbed 11 times. 
Knoll reportedly escaped a notorious World War II roundup of Paris Jews, in which police herded some 13,000 people — including more than 4,000 children — into a stadium and shipped them to the Auschwitz death camp in Nazi German-occupied Poland. Fewer than 100 survived.

Europe has a serious anti-semitism problem, and France is definitely not an exception. I hope they string these guys up, seriously. This is just sickening.

It's also a reminder that we need to be vigilant against anti-semitism. It tends to get overlooked and we cannot let that happen.

An annual national count of racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and anti-Christian acts — most of which involve threats — dipped in 2017 compared with the year before. However, anti-Semitic violence increased by 26 percent, and criminal damage to Jewish places of worship and burial by 22 percent.

I hope they do have a rally in her honor, but the French government itself needs to look at what it's doing to increase anti-semitism in the country.

White Supremacist Communities Continue to Implode

Remember that white supremacist thug who attacked Charlottesville counter-protesters and then cried when he found out he was wanted by police for it?

He's a snitch.

Alt-Right erupts after crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell admits he’s a federal informant

Now Cantwell, awaiting his trial, has pissed off a major portion of his former allies on the Alt-Right by admitting that he’s been talking to the feds. The controversy erupted several days ago after the infamous Nazi hacker known as Weev — the guy with the giant swastika tattoo on his chest — publicly accused Cantwell of an assortment of crimes against the Alt-Right movement, the most serious being snitching on his fellow Nazis and Nazi enthusiasts.

This has led to a lot of nazis accusing each other of being Jewish. Because of course.

I don't know if you're actually allowed to publicly announce you're an informant to the very community you're supposed to be informing on. This may get him into a wee bit more trouble. Either way, it's gold.

Cantwell has argued both that he had to snitch because refusing to do so would have been a criminal act (it isn't) AND that he can't snitch because the "alt-right" hasn't engaged in any illegal behavior (they have).

So currently, the "alt-right" is preoccupied with making anti-semitic memes attacking Cantwell. Hopefully this will disrupt some of their plans for nazi rallies in April.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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SESTA/FOSTA Are Disasters for Sex Workers


Well fuck I didn't look into this sooner and now it's already passed. Though I don't know, even if nothing else was going on and we'd been wholly informed on this shit bill weeks in advance, if we could have stopped it. Because even most feminists don't listen to sex workers, and certainly the liberal establishment doesn't.

The so-called "Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA)" was supported by rich white women like Amy Schumer despite the fact that both sex workers and advocated for actually human trafficking victims spoke out against it. FOSTA was basically an identical bill but SESTA was ultimately what Congress settled on. Advocates for a free and open Internet also spoke out against it, but I'm more interested in human lives at risk right now.

What SESTA does is make it easier to sue sites like Backpage because they “knowingly assist, facilitate, or support sex trafficking.” The problem is that these sites are actually used by willing and consenting sex workers in order to conduct their business safely. This is where sex workers share their "bad date lists" that name clients who are abusive or downright rapists. This is where they conduct peer references and all kinds of client screening. Now these sites are shutting down and sex workers are left without this vital form of protection.

Now, if they want to survive, sex workers are being forced to solicit clients back out on the streets where they're vulnerable to violence and know nothing about the people they're soliciting. This is how sex workers end up being beaten, raped, and/or murdered. I have already seen reports from actual sex workers about being raped because they can't use Backpage anymore. Reports of similar sites and communities being shut down are coming out rapidly, and it's only been a week since this bill was passed.

This is why people who aren't sex workers should fucking just stop trying to "help." Every bill they pass that they think is somehow going to help sex trafficking victims just ends up hurting all sex workers and getting them killed. But do they care? Or does it not matter because they're sex workers? Maybe Amy Schumer thinks they're better off dead.

What also pisses me off is that I only heard about this a few days before it passed, and with everything else on my plate - I mean, I probably shouldn't be making excuses. But either way I couldn't have mobilized anyone in the time between hearing it was a thing and its passing.

We feminists need to do better for sex workers. No more legislation driven by the desire to stop full service sex work, as though that's possible or a good thing. The only acceptable legislation is full legalization of all consensual sex work, end of story. And if you're supporting a bill without even consulting actual sex workers on it, FUCK YOU.

Top Signs Your Society is in Active Collapse


Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountain School District has equipped every classroom with a five-gallon bucket of river stones as a defense in the event of an active shooter. 
“If an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance to any of our classrooms, they will face a classroom full of students armed with rocks, and they will be stoned,” district superintendent David Helsel told the state House Education Committee last week.

Now, before I do this, keep in mind that absurdist, Dada-esque humor tends to crop up as a coping mechanism during intensely horrific periods of history.

In other words, please don't hate me for this.

Mass shooter: *enters Pennsylvania school classroom*

Mass shooter: *looks down*

Recommended Reading

With all the talk about gun control, I am one among many asking, how about police control? How about taking military equipment away from the police? How about the fact that way more people are killed by cops with guns than random dudes with guns in the U.S.?

And Monique Judge of The Root makes a very good and related point.

If You So Scared, Why Are You the Police? 

Why are ordinary citizens, who do not have the training that police officers go through, expected to handle these high-stress situations and act calmly and rationally when the police aren’t? How does that make any sense?

It's a short piece but so important. It really drives the point home.

If you're so scared, why are you police?

Why are you the police?

Why are you the police?

Monday, March 26, 2018

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This is 1000 times better than that box that turns itself off every time you turn it on.

I'm Mentally Ill and I Have a Concern

Multiple concerns, actually.

Here's the thing. I love the Parkland students. I've said that already. I was among the many watching in awe and tearing up as these kids gave impassioned speeches that were 5,000% better than anything I, an adult, could do.

This is in no way to say that their entire movement should be shut down, that they're terrible people, or anything else ridiculously extreme that people tend to jump right to any time there is a criticism.

The Parkland student newspaper published a manifesto which is mostly great, but there is one item that jumped out at me that I disagree with as a person who could be affected by it.

"Change privacy laws to allow mental healthcare providers to communicate with law enforcement."

As seen in the tragedy at our school, poor communication between mental healthcare providers and law enforcement may have contributed to a disturbed person with murderous tendencies and intentions entering a school and gunning down 17 people in cold blood. 
We must improve this channel of communication. To do so, privacy laws should be amended. That will allow us to prevent people who are a danger to themselves or to others from purchasing firearms. That could help prevent tragedies such as the Parkland massacre.

This not only sets off alarm bells in my head, it plays into a general concern I have over how mentally ill people are often targeted by gun control policy suggestions in ways that could further stigmatize and harm us.

First of all, mental health professionals are already required by law to alert authorities if they believe a patient is a threat to themself or others. This already makes it difficult to talk to your therapist, who you're supposed to be able to talk to about anything, about certain rather common problems like feeling suicidal because of a fear that you'll be involuntarily institutionalized.

Loosening the privacy laws around mental health care further, well, the idea makes me feel intensely uncomfortable. As someone who has been to a lot of therapy and is quite anti-police and vocal about it, um... I mean, do I have to spell it out?

I also don't want someone to be arrested because they once offhandedly said they wanted to kill someone like we all sometimes do in a bout of frustration in combination with a tendency to exaggerate. Also, I've done a good amount of EMDR, a type of therapy that requires you to be absolutely honest about your thoughts and feelings. Am I going to get arrested for an honest expression of a fleeting thought about pushing certain abusive family members down the stairs?

Aside from the general problem of stigmatizing mentally ill people (which is still and always a serious problem), there is so much that makes me uncomfortable about how gun control activists deal with the issue of mental illness. I'm not even a fan of banning mentally ill people from owning guns. Someone with a history of violence? Sure. But most of us mentally ill folks have never hurt anybody. Yet we're all treated like we're dangerous.

It's bad enough for me and my everybody PTSD and mood disorders, but can you imagine how shitty this all is for people with more severe and more stigmatized disorders? People with schizophrenia must be feeling so unsafe right now.

Again, I'm not generally condemning Parkland students. I'm NOT saying that they need to leave this kind of activism to adults because adults have been making the exact same mistakes for decades. But I'd ask that they listen to mentally ill people before suggesting policy changes just like they've been doing a much better job than the vast majority of adults at listening to people of color.

And for actual adults, stop fucking contributing to the idea that mentally ill people are all dangerous. Seriously fucking stop.

Friday, March 23, 2018

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This is such a well-timed prank, the way the entire football team starts coming around the corner the moment the subject turns his head. Masterful.

Legalize Full Service Sex Work


I really don't support sex workers enough on this blog.

Female homicide rate dropped after Craigslist launched its erotic services platform

Sex workers have long argued that cheap online erotic services advertising platforms make their jobs much safer. Law enforcement officials like Sheriff Tom Dart of Chicago, however, insist that sites like Craigslist and Backpage increase trafficking and endanger women. Federal and state officials have relentlessly harassed businesses that provide online erotic ads, forcing first Craigslist and then Backpage to close or severely curtail their listings. 
Despite all the law enforcement resources expended, empirical research on the dangers or benefits of erotic services ads has been sparse. But a new study provides strong evidence that when law enforcement closes down sites like Craigslist or Redbook, women die.

As usual, cops are full of shit. They just want to be able to arrest, abuse, and rape sex workers without consequences.

It's so clear that these services make things safer and better for sex workers. The only way to improve upon that is to fully legalize and regulate full service sex work. And if we care at all about women, we'll fight for that. Don't leave them for last like we always do.

Women's History Lesson

I haven't done much for Women's History Month but here's this:

Click to Enlarge

If I ever have a daughter, her name will be Julie.

The Alt-Right is Having Some Problems

So last week, of course, the most ridiculous drama imaginable happened with the far-right white supremacist crowd and it's taken me like all week to even be able to fit it into my head.

Married leader of a white nationalist party is arrested for 'assaulting his father-in-law and chief spokesman who caught him having sex with his wife'

Take a moment to think on that. The "leader of a white nationalist party" was caught by "his father-in-law" in the act of "having sex with his wife." His father-in-law's wife. Also known as his mother-in-law.

Matthew Heimbach fucked his mom.

Heimbach, if you didn't know, is the ex-husband of Internet shitsation "Communism Kills." She was a thing on Tumblr until she got chased off after offering to disappear if people paid her $8,000 per month via Patreon. Seriously.


Police said Parrott, 36, called 911 from a Walmart near his home to report that Heimbach attacked him. He said the 26-year-old leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party threw him down on the ground and 'choked (him) out'.  
'He grabbed and injured my hand after I poked his chest then choked me out with his arm,' Parrott told police. 'Then he chased me to my home and did it again.'  
According to a police report, Parrott accused Heimbach of having an affair with his wife for three months. Both Heimbach and Parrott's wife said the fling had ended.  
Following that confrontation, police said Heimbach and his wife got into a dispute. In the police report, the responding officer stated that Heimbach and his wife were heard arguing followed by sounds of a 'scuffle'.


As of now, the Traditionalist Worker Party, a previously well-established white supremacist group, is in shambles.

I'm telling you, that toxic masculinity will fuck your shit up every time. There's a reason why fascists always lose.

This on top of Richie Spencer saying he's not having fun being the alt-right's ugly public face anymore, things are looking up in some respects.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

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That was fuckin' SMOOTH.

Okay, Um, Fuck


I don't know how to title this.

But uh.

It was pointed out, again by a person of color, that our situation is this:

1. The President of the United States has condemned all Latinx immigrants as rapists, murderers, and DRUG DEALERS.

2. We already have detention centers that look an awful lot like concentration camps for undocumented migrants.

3. Trump and the """"Justice Department"""" are pushing for the death penalty for drug dealers.

Um. Hi. Hello. Are you there? Are you reading this?

Are you losing your mind?


The Austin Bomber Was an Actual Suicide Bomber

I mentioned that they "caught" this guy yesterday but what I missed about the story is that the fact that he blew himself up when the police got close to him makes him a literal suicide bomber. Yet I've only seen one person call him that. No news outlets are like "this suicide bomber..."

Can you imagine if he had been Muslim? Not only would every news outlet on the planet be calling him a suicide bomber, people would be LOSING THEIR MINDS because a Muslim terrorist came to the U.S. and tried to suicide bomb the cops to death. But he's white so he's the "baby-faced bomber" who had no criminal record.

You know who had no criminal records at all? His black victims.

Let's also remember that black people don't have to be prodigies to matter when they're murdered by a white supremacist/domestic terrorist. But also, you'd think the media or White House could find something good to say about these black men. But no. Nothing.

White supremacy must end.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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It's hard for me to express how much I love Sombra.

Just Another Day in America


Nothing to see here, just a standard day in the ol' U.S. of A.

Austin bomber was an unemployed 20-something with no criminal record

Great to know that the domestic terrorist who was targeting prominent black families with homemade bombs and murdered multiple people had no criminal record prior to the serial white supremacist bombings, New York Post!


Unarmed black man shot to death in own backyard after police mistake cell phone for weapon

Stephon Clark was in the backyard of the home he shared with his grandparents and some of his siblings when he was killed, Clark’s brother told the Sacramento Bee. 
The police department said officers were responding to a report that someone was breaking car windows nearby. 
The suspect was described as a 6-foot-1 man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants hiding in a backyard.

Hiding in the backyard. Of his own home.

Police said Clark held an “object” that he “extended in front of him” as he approached two officers. 
“The officers believed the suspect was pointing a firearm at them. Fearing for their safety, the officers fired their duty weapons striking the suspect multiple times,” the police department said in a release. Clark was pronounced dead at the scene.

It was a fucking cell phone. He was trying to film them. Probably hoping it would protect him from being murdered.

Fuck this entire country straight to hell.

Recommended Reading


This piece by an Iraqui individual is going around after being published on the 15th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War of 2003. It's super important, and not just for the one quote everyone is posting.

Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country

One of the few sources of joy for me during these short visits were the encounters with Iraqis who had read my novels and were moved by them. These were novels I had written from afar, and through them, I tried to grapple with the painful disintegration of an entire country and the destruction of its social fabric. These texts are haunted by the ghosts of the dead, just as their author is.

We really did destroy Sinan Antoon's country. This completely bullshit war was just a front for a military occupation/looting. I mean, I knew all of that, but reading from the perspective of someone who grew up there and loved it? Devastating.

And we're still doing this kind of shit all over the region.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Baby goat: FEAR ME, DOG.

Doggo: Hi.

Trump Wants the Death Penalty for "Drug Dealers" and That's Terrifying

I have a worry. I'm worried that Trump is looking for the group of people he can effectively scapegoat to distract people from how terrible he is without much opposition. And I'm worried he'll find it in people addicted to drugs.

Do you remember when we started hearing about the horrors going on in The Philippines, where their "War on Drugs" has resulted in police executing over 12,000 people since mid-2016 - all without trial. These are people who are suspected of using or selling drugs. This human rights travesty has put its citizens in a state of perpetual terror, as being falsely accused of selling drugs can set you up to be murdered by police.

In the U.S., mix that with a racism that is already resulting in hundreds of people of color being murdered by police for whatever the fuck each year, and I have to wonder why the fuck people aren't freaking out more.

This is going to be bad. Trump added the goal of death penalty for "drug dealers" out of direct inspiration from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his giant murder campaign. Trump had nothing but praise and friendliness for Duterte when they met last November. Last month he all but said he wanted to copy Duterte's bloodbath "drug war."

Late Sunday, Axios reported that Trump “loves” the notion of imposing capital punishment on drug dealers—an approach taken by the Philippines, Singapore, and China. Trump reportedly references the approach frequently, saying, “When I ask the prime minister of Singapore do they have a drug problem, the prime minister replies, ‘No. Death penalty.’” The report suggests that Trump thinks drug dealers are “as bad as serial killers,” and believes that more lenient drug policies “will never work.”

The Boogeyman image of the "drug dealer," which in many people's minds probably conjures an image of a black or Latino man, is a great scapegoat for a proto-fascist despot like Trump. I'm hoping there's no way that this country will implement the death penalty for "drug dealing," but I've been dead wrong about how low this country could sink before. If it does happen, we'll just have to wait and see whether it comes down harder on people of color who "fit the profile" of a "drug dealer" or on people who are addicted to drugs, who are also stigmatized and rejected by society instead of getting the help they need for their chronic brain disease. Unless they're rich white people.

Either way, racism is going to play into this hard, and more people will be gunned down by police. It's going to be fucked. Please start demanding that it stop.

Guest Post: Feminism and Football — Can the Two Ever Go Hand-in-Hand?

Kate Harveston is a political writer from Pennsylvania. Her favorite topics are feminist-focused, but she writes on a wide variety of social and cultural issues. If you enjoy her work, you can follow her on Twitter or visit her blog, Only Slightly Biased.

If recent events have taught us anything, it is this: We’re long overdue for a national discussion about toxic masculinity. In the wake of yet another deadly school shooting, it is impossible to ignore the one characteristic most mass shooters have in common: They are mostly male.
In fact, overwhelmingly so. Mass shooters who are women are "so rare that it just hasn't been studied," according to James Garbarino, a psychologist at Loyola University Chicago. So what gives men the idea that the appropriate response to their problems is violence?
Sadly, the issue goes way beyond the gun control debate and into the very nature of our culture. As a society, we have not only condoned, but even celebrated, toxic masculinity to the point where we consider egregious acts of violence sometimes justifiable. And perhaps the pinnacle of this cultural celebration of all things testosterone is televised sports, particularly in the NFL.
Who in America can forget the OJ Simpson case, for example? Sadly, Nicole Brown Simpson is far from the only victim of violence from a celebrated football star. Over the past two years alone, 15 NFL players have been arrested for domestic violence. Forty-four players have been accused. Yet, millions of citizens continue to idolize these players, like Ben Roethlisberger, despite repeated allegations of sexual assault against them.
All these facts bring us to the question: Can a person both love the NFL and consider themselves to be a feminist? I may upset some of my fellow feminists in saying this, but I believe it’s a no.
A Celebration of Violence and Power
All sports contain the element of competition, and that is not what is in question here. Yes, women, as well as men, enjoy the spirit of healthy competition.
No, what we should question is why we idolize a sport where the primary objective is to destroy the opposing team physically, to the point where 99 percent of professional football players sustain permanent brain injuries. How is this something our culture worships?
By persisting in elevating players of a sport where all but everyone who plays walks away with a permanent injury, we are, in effect, saying life is inherently destructive. It asserts that only those who are physically strong and able-bodied are worthy of respect, of “making it.”
This viewpoint is at odds with the very premise of feminism, which asserts all human beings are equal and worthy of the same amount of respect. It's also, quite frankly, at odds with anyone with common sense enough to know that being injured is no fun and can lead to serious lifelong repercussions.
Women create life. Women sustain life. Women proclaim everyone is stronger when working together, not at odds with one another. These concepts are completely anathema to the underlying premise of a sport where only the biggest, strongest and fastest earn applause, and where causing permanent physical harm to another is considered a prime objective.
Not to mention, the NFL itself implicitly condones treating women as lesser. While the league compensates even the lowest-string athletes at the rate of millions of dollars per year, NFL cheerleaders — who face a physical schedule that is just as daunting — barely earn enough to survive. To top it off, NFL cheerleaders must perform in intolerable weather conditions, clad only in garb that can be described as skimpy at best.
How Football Encourages Sexism
There's also the issue of exclusion of women from the sport itself. While women have made significant inroads in other sports, such as the rise of the WNBA, no professional equivalent exists for women who wish to play professional football. Is this because women are inherently less suited for the combative nature of football itself, or is it yet another way of telling women they are inherently inferior?
Feminism declares all people are worthy of respect. Feminism asserts that women and men equally benefit from healthy competition. Feminism emphasizes everyone, regardless of gender, can benefit from physical labor, and that men and women alike should earn equal compensation for their efforts. Feminism encourages all people, regardless of gender, size, strength or abilities, to follow their dreams.
In contrast, football tells us only the strongest and fastest are worthy of respect. Football asserts only men benefit from physical competition, and women are inadequate to compete in certain areas. Football overtly proclaims size, girth and gender should determine one's destiny, compensation and overall value. It also encourages violence off the field, as is the case with the increased rates of domestic violence among players.
Considering all these facts, can one be an NFL fan and still be a feminist?
My opinion? Only if one takes no issue whatsoever with hypocrisy.

Monday, March 19, 2018

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I couldn't decide which gif would be funnier on its own so I had to use both.

Austin Bombings Targeting Prominent Black Families

We have a domestic terrorist on our hands! Have you heard about it? Maybe because they're only targeting black people. 

Austin Package Bombs Appear to Be Targeting Prominent Black Families

The families of Stephen House, who was killed on March 2, and Draylen Mason, who was killed on Monday, have known each other for a long time “and go to the same church,” according to Nelson Linder. The Austin NAACP president said that a third bomb, which injured 75-year-old Esperanza Herrera, may have been intended for “another person who might be connected to the House and Mason families.” 
Though the Austin police agree that the bombings are related, they haven’t suggested a motive. They also haven’t said whether they think the victims were personally targeted. But interim Austin police chief Brian Manley did tell reporters this week that they’re not ruling out the possibly “that hate crime is at the core of this.”


Hate crimes are up across the country. White supremacist activity has exploded. This is an anti-black hate crime and domestic terrorism. Pay attention.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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New requirement for all men who want to call themselves male allies. They have to film themselves jumping over something in an impressive manner and finishing in a respecting women pose.

Monday, March 12, 2018

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Old-timey adorable.

Morning Announcements

I'm starting a new part time job this week so I'm taking an almost-Spring Break. One week without posting here.

Remember kids, give yourself an appropriate amount of vacation time from work you give yourself. Your bosses won't do it, not in the U.S., but you can treat yourself right.

And fuck the police.

Friday, March 9, 2018

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Just shoot the fire in the fucking face.

Why the Gutting of the ADA Matters

I'm not gonna lie. I'm not as good as I could be on disability issues. And that sucks all the more because I feel like most people don't pay enough attention to disability, accessibility, and ableism. I posted about the gutting of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but I didn't get just how much harder it would make life for disabled people until I read this Twitter thread.

I'm going to post the link to the Tumblr post because it contains both a handy list of screenshots and the entire thing captioned at the bottom for those with visual impairments.

From punk rock sock monkey

Long story short, though if you're able-bodied and you can you should really read the entire thing, being disabled makes every part of life ridiculously difficult because of a lack of accessibility and now the changes to the ADA put the onus on disabled people to have to beg every single business, from restaurants to grocery stores to banks and every other essential service out there, to follow basic accessibility laws. And it will be months before they even have to start to make the necessary changes.

Now call your damn senators.

Everybody Did IWD Better Than Us

And by "us" I mean the U.S. Get it?

Anyway, this is a pretty good roundup of how a bunch of nations celebrated International Women's Day:

International Women’s Day 2018: Beyond #MeToo, With Pride, Protests and Pressure

Women organized massive one-day strikes in many countries. I didn't hear about any such thing in the U.S., just a small rally in Seattle that I didn't go to. We need to organize something as good as the West Virginia teacher's strike where the entire state of teachers went on strike. Imagine if like half the women in the U.S. went on strike, and not just for a day, but until our demands were met. But it has to be organized so well, like we have to raise funds in advance to endure that ALL the women who can't afford to miss a day of work are taken care of. That's how you strike.

We're so afraid of striking but in the Philipines, where thousands of people have been murdered just for being accused of taking drugs, women marched to denounce the President. In China, women marched against President Xi Jinping, who just got his term limit extended to life. In Afghanistan, they marched in defiance of the Taliban. And so much more.

We white, U.S. feminists could learn a thing or two. Well done, women of the world! Kick ass!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Gif of the Day

Don't leave people out just because they're different. Everyone deserves a seat at the table.

Happy International Women's Day!

I've decided that in celebration I'm not blogging today lol bye.

Also feel free to donate.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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Apparently, nobody actually knows how magnetism works.

What Kind of Racist Bullshit

This is a local issue for me. Edmonds is fairly close to Seattle and still considered to be in a liberal area. It's also very close to a reservation, so the population of Native people is high.

Mom calls Edmonds school assignment racist

That's an understatement.

Shawna Gallagher’s 11-year-old son Blaine was given a writing assignment at Meadowdale Elementary School asking him to describe his feelings after seeing a group of white colonists get slaughtered at the hands of "Indians." 
"You have welcomed them into your homes, and have often shared your meals, your good times and your sorrows," read the assignment. "Many of the colonists were killed at their dinner table as they shared their meal with their 'friends.'" 
Students were told to, "Express your conflicting feelings toward the Indians."

Are you fucking kidding me right now?

What was this teacher trying to do? Apparently this was an extra assignment not required by the curriculum, so that makes it mildly better, but seriously, what the fuck? Is this some kind of attempt to make students empathize with the colonizers? You realize the entire U.S. education system already does that, right?

Whether the scenario proposed in the assignment, which you can see in full at the link, ever actually happened or anything close to it happened is suspect. What we do know is that the kind of shit pulled in this imaginary incident was pulled by the white invaders all the time.

Broken treaties. Smallpox blankets. Betrayal. WE did that. Not the indigenous peoples. Hell, we're STILL breaking treaties today. So fuck off with this "but how do you think the colonists felt" shit. Fuck off with this "but Indians killed us white people too!"

Jakala said the assignment will not be used again and the district is looking into additional checks and balances for supplemental assignments to make sure outdated, inappropriate content is not presented to children. 
She said she cannot comment on whether the teacher involved will be disciplined.

She better be. I'll be watching.

Trump Supporters Wonder Why the Women They Hate Won't Date Them

Gee, why do young women on the left not want to date someone who sees them as less than human?

Why It’s Hard for Conservatives to Date in DC Right Now

“The political divide has gotten so wide that a lot of younger liberals don’t have any interest in meeting conservatives,” says a reporter at a conservative media company. Working for a right-wing publication is such an obstacle to dating in DC, he doesn’t put his employer on any dating apps and avoids talking about it until meeting someone face-to-face, he says. 

Hmmm, why has the political divide gotten so wide? Could it be because Republicans have shifted so far to the right that they're in fascist territory? No, it must be the Millennial left that's at fault.

I don't understand this attitude. I'm sure for some people "dating" is just code for fucking without developing any kind of emotional connection. But I thought conservatives were supposed to be about getting married and having families or whatever. So if that's your dating goal, why are you surprised that people whose beliefs are fundamentally incompatible with yours don't want to spend the rest of their lives with you?

If you support Trump, you support a man who clearly doesn't think of women as people. He thinks of us as trophies and fuck holes. If you support that, fuck you.

If you don't support Trump but still support Republicans, well, Republicans are supporting Trump so you're still supporting him.

If you don't support Trump or Republicans but still consider yourself conservative, then you only support a certain kind of woman. White. Middle class or above. Able-bodied and neurotypical. Cis and straight.

A lot of us actually feel like in order to be a decent person, you have to support all women. And all people. Not just those who look like you or that you find hot.

Also, stop hiding your politics to try and get in our pants. If we don't want to date conservatives, we're going to find out. The only reason to hide that shit is to try and fuck us and drop us so don't try to claim some kind of moral high ground, you poon hounds.

If you only want to care about yourself and how much money and power you can amass, you're gonna have to deal with having a dry dick if you live in certain areas. And nobody wants to hear you cry about it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Gif of the Day

That face omg what did she smell??

NRA Goes Full Batman Villain With New Openly Threatening Video


This spokesperson for the NRA is making it way too tempting to use language that I'm trying hard to get away from.

What kind of cartoon villain shit is this?

Wow lol could you be more dramatic? Somebody get the Bat Signal going.

Actually Batman fighting the NRA and a representation of the shithead in this video would be amazing and I'm begging DC to get on that.

I'm just sitting here wondering what kind of people are behind this ad. Like, I don't know if that lady is just acting for money and is REALLY good at the "I'm going to fucking murder you" face, but somebody is serious behind these words.

I especially love the part where she says "to the people using their freedom of speech to..." and then of course the conclusion is "WE'RE GOING TO MURDER YOU." So much freedom oh my god.

You know there's a cis man behind this just getting the biggest hardon from seeing his words come out of the mouth of an attractive white lady. Like he must just be masturbating to it constantly. "YES OPENLY THREATEN TO SHOOT THOSE LIBERALS TO DEATH UHHHHHHHHNNN."

And the funny thing is that most gun users are like "uhhhhhhh nope fuck the NRA" and most NRA members are for common sense gun control. Though at this point I don't know why you'd be a member of the NRA unless you have the same sick power fantasy of murdering people you don't like with death machines because you're too weak to fix your problems like an adult. The same power fantasies that keep creating these daily mass shootings.

Nazi Speech At MSU Didn't Go So Well


So Richard Spencer came to Michigan State University to give a hate speech yesterday, and it didn't go well for him or his fans at all. Reports are coming in from antifa groups that they literally ran him out of town, and his fans were arrested after they were found to be in possession of illegal weapons.

We are literally on vice right now 
And our team chased Richard Spencer out of town for an hour and a half till he called the cops. Both groups were detained. Both vehicles searched and... 
The Nazis had illegal weapons and were all arrested and Richard Spencer is in jail!! 
Our team is free!!! 
Holy shit!!! 
This may mean he won’t be able to give his speech! 
Update: it appears he was just caught and released but his Lackeys were charged

The speech did happen, but it was delayed and few were able to make it inside thanks to protester efforts.

“What happened outside was really worrisome and heinous,” Spencer said Monday evening. “That was an attempt to use violence to prevent people from attending a speech that was peaceful.” 
He said that more than 150 tickets had been distributed, but many people were not able to get through the chaos outside. “In terms of suppressing attendance, they really achieved that.”

"Boo-hoo-hoo why won't people let my nazi ass talk about how we should kill all black and brown people?????"

It's so great to see the increasing resistance to the rise of fascism and white supremacy in this country. Hopefully that will continue even after they have to crawl back into their holes so that we can counter the less overt forms of white supremacy in this country. But I'm proud to be antifa today.

Go home, nazis!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Gif of the Day

I love her.

Guest Post: Lady Doritos? How About Lady CEOs Instead.

Kate Harveston is a political writer from Pennsylvania. Her favorite topics are feminist-focused, but she writes on a wide variety of social and cultural issues. If you enjoy her work, you can follow her on Twitter or visit her blog, Only Slightly Biased.

It’s amazing how fast an offhanded comment can spread on the internet. Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, found this out earlier this month. A comment about making ‘male and female Doritos’ because women apparently eat chips differently than men do went far and wide after an interview on January 31st, and social media went wild.
Do you seriously not know any ladies who like to lick that cheesy goodness off their fingers or knock back the bag to get the little broken bits at the bottom once all the chips are gone?
Fewer Lady Doritos, More Lady CEOs
Look at the CEO or the board of directors of your favorite company. How many of them are women? And how hard did you have to look to find them? We see it in the corporate sector, the political sector and nearly everywhere that men and women work together, unless you’re in a female-dominated field — women aren’t advancing to positions of leadership at the same rate that men are.
We’ve made some strides, to be sure — though it’s primarily in education — but in spite of the fact that women earn roughly 60% of undergraduate degrees and 60% of master’s degrees, we seem to be stuck. Let’s look at some statistics:
  • Only 6 percent of CEOs in the US are women. That number drops to 4.6 percent for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Only 20 percent of senior management positions are held by women.
  • Only 16.9 percent of Fortune 500 board seats are held by women.
  • Only 12 percent of executive office seats are held by women in the financial sector. None of them are CEOs.
  • Women make up 78.4 percent of the labor force in healthcare and social assistance. Only 14.6 percent are executives and 12.4 percent hold a seat on the board. No CEOs here either.
Let’s be frank — there’s something wrong with a system where women can make up the majority of the labor force but don’t have the same opportunities to make it to the top.
Heads Up, Corporate America
If you’re a CEO at one of those offending companies reading this piece and wondering what you can do to stop being one of those depressing statistics, first listen. Listen to the women who are raising their voices and actually hear what they have to say.
Here are a few ideas for you to pore over:
1. We don’t need special accommodations. We’re just as capable of doing the same job as a man, and we deserve to be paid the same.
2. Paid parental leave. Seriously. Women might be the ones having the babies, but that doesn’t mean that dads or partners don’t need some time off to get used to having a new baby around — even if mom is the one getting up with the baby. Parental leave is just one suggestion — rethinking your benefits and incentives is a great idea.
3. Hire more women. Period. This is especially important for fields that are considered ‘male-dominated’ like programming.
4. Make sure you are providing opportunities for women to be leaders, public speakers and project managers at your company. People should be promoted based on merit — male or female. But in sectors that are heavily male-centric, it can be harder for women to find openings for advancement.
5. Discourage, vilify and absolutely damn sexual harassment — in both directions.
Take a look at your employee structure from the bottom up — from hiring up to your office as CEO. Figure out where you can make changes to better support the women on your staff and those that might join in the future.
Time to Come Together
None of us need pink power tools — unless you really like pink, and that’s entirely up to you. What we need is to come together and change… well… everything.
Celebrities and public figures are starting to come forward about how they’re making less than their male counterparts — and are demanding equal pay, even though it is costing them their jobs in some cases. And they tend to have a lot more clout than the average person, so just imagine what the average woman faces when she tries to call out discrimination.
We need to be the “nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she-devils” that the politicians are afraid of, if that’s what it takes to get them to listen.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Gif of the Day

Look at this majestic boy.

Racism is Over, Huh?

Affirmative action making things unfair for white people? Black people have an unfair advantage now, do they?

Fifty years after the historic Kerner Commission identified “white racism” as the key cause of “pervasive discrimination in employment, education and housing,” there has been no progress in how African Americans fare in comparison to whites when it comes to homeownership, unemployment and incarceration, according to a report released Monday by the Economic Policy Institute. 
In some cases, African Americans are worse off today than they were before the civil rights movement culminated in laws barring housing and voter discrimination, as well as racial segregation.

Fuck. You.

This is So Fucking Funny

I know this happened like two days ago but I'm still laughing about it. Trump said that we should take people's guns away without due process. Trump said we should go confiscate people's guns. This boogeyman, this doomsday scenario that is evoked any time a Democrat suggests common sense gun control, actually straight up suggested by Lord Dampnut himself.

The thing they kept screaming that Obama would do. That Hillary would do. And here's Donald "Take Their Guns And Ask Questions Later" Trump.

It is the funniest goddamn thing that's ever happened.

And the Donald Trump stans make it even funnier.

Trump’s biggest fans on the internet are freaking out about his comments on gun control

Breitbart labelled Trump “The Gun Grabber” and accused him of ceding the Democrats’ “Wish List.” The article had nearly 16,000 comments, with the top-rated comment calling the gun control proposals “an outright betrayal by this president of the constitution and everyone of us who elected him to stand up for it.” 
But if Breitbart commentators were outraged, it was nothing compared to r/The_Donald. The pro-Trump subreddit and one of the biggest internet communities supporting the president. There, Trump’s bipartisan meeting triggered a fury which The_Donald posters took out on both the president and each other. “What the actual fuck was that? That was certainly not 4D chess pedes,” one user named malikobama1 posted. “That was honestly just a terrible move. Between that an immigration my patience is truly wearing thin.”

This is what you get for electing a human disaster for President.

Don't You Dare Pull ICE Out of Washington State, Trump

Apparently, Lord Dampnut recently threatened to pull ICE out of the state of California as some kind of punishment for having sanctuary cities. I'm wondering if we can't get him to follow through with that.

Trump Says He May Pull Immigration Enforcement From California

President Donald Trump said on Thursday he’s considering pulling federal immigration enforcement agents out of California, which declared itself a so-called sanctuary state and limits local police cooperation with U.S. authorities enforcing the president’s immigration policies. 
“Frankly, it’s a disgrace, the sanctuary city situation,” Trump said at the White House. If the administration were to remove Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials from California, the state would be “begging” for them to come back, he said. “I’m thinking about doing it.”

Okay, uhhh, what's the best way to do this?

Donald Trump, if you pulled ICE out of California, that would be a DISGRACE. You would get SO MUCH negative attention if you did that. As a liberal leftist, I am ORDERING you to NOT pull ICE out of California. And you better not do it in Washington State, either!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Gif of the Day

Prank all cops.

I wonder if that prank works as well if they don't have a black guy to hand over the "pot."

Schools Can't Get Away With Punishing Students for Protesting

We as adults need to do what we can to support the underage teens at the same time as we let them take the lead. What we can definitely do is come together and call and email schools pulling fuckery like this:

From the article linked in the above:

Riverview Gardens officials told students that they would not be allowed to come back onto campus to complete the rest of the school day after walking out. Officials also said they would not be allowed to ride school buses home. 
Some students tried to return to school but were blocked from entering the campus by school officials. 
Many students also said that, as they were walking out, they were told by school officials that they would be suspended.

This is clearly a way to punish protesting students. I can't imagine what kind of excuse they could have come up with for refusing to let kids back into school or use the school buses to get home. It's both fucked up and I imagine potentially unsafe. How are some of these kids supposed to get home? Hitchhike?

Also, it is very likely unconstitutional to suspend students for participating in walkouts. I don't know why schools hate their students so much that they want to risk having the courts come down on their asses. But schools can only give students a standard punishment for an unexcused absence. Any additional punishment is a violation of freedom of speech.

Repeat after me, kids. You 100% have full First Amendment rights, and that does NOT change when you walk onto school grounds.

And fellow adults! You know what's really effective? Pretending to be an enraged parent (or being one) and calling a school to yell at them for threatening students and leaving them out in the cold.

Riverview Gardens High School Phone #: (314) 869-4700

Can Cops Get Any Worse?


This is the worst fucking thing I have ever read oh my god I can't believe this guy is allowed to go on living.

Off-Duty Cop Kills Baby After Smashing into Car Going 94mph—Mom Charged with Homicide

Yeah. ACAB.

Brittany Stephens, 20, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of homicide—in spite of the fact that the officer caused the deadly crash. According to police, Stephens did not have the straps at the correct level in the car seat—something parents across the country are likely ‘guilty’ of—so she is responsible for her daughter’s death.

Cops are that fucking heartless. Not only does one kill her baby and injuring everyone else in the car, not only did it take them a month to charge the officer, not only are the charges only speeding and "negligent homicide," they're charging the mother with the same fucking offense because they decided that the baby wasn't strapped in properly.

I don't know exactly how car seats work, but I'm wondering if maybe the integrity of the car seat straps might have been compromised by, oh, I dunno, the 94-MPH-collision?????? Regardless, charging this mother for murdering her own baby because she admitted to strapping the baby in is the most fucked up and heartless thing I can think of. I mean, what, are they trying to take some heat off of their fellow baby-murdering cop by charging the grieving mother? Is it retaliation for the charges against him? Or is it just because the mother is black so you'll do anything to throw her in prison?

Whatever the reason, it's pure fucking evil. Your shit fellow cop decided to drive 94 MPH on a simple highway and plowed into a family vehicle turning left on a green light. He deserves a more serious charge than the one you're slapping a grieving mother with because she didn't follow the complicated and ever-changing child car seat laws just right. That baby would have been fine if not for yet another cop confident that he's above the law.

Abolish the police.