Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wow, That's a Lot of Awful in a Short Time Period

Oh my god what the fuck was with yesterday?

I got a last minute spot at a market research study today so I have to go over this quick.

Changing food stamps to a box of shitty food is a terrible idea. People need to stop thinking that they know what poor people deserve and that anybody else should control what food someone else buys and eats. Canned milk is gross. Canned vegetables and fruit are gross and also have less nutritional value than fresh. Food allergies are a thing. And if you think the government is going to effectively handle the food allergy problem, you're ridiculous. Also, if this is the way it's going, pretty soon every one of those boxes is just going to be filled with a bag of rice and powdered milk. They might as well just poison the food if they want poor people to die that badly.

Jeff Sessions oh my god.

Talking about the "Anglo-American heritage" of the sheriff's office (just say white dude) while standing in front of that flag. Bee tww dubbs, the axe-looking thing on that flag? It's called a fasces. Pronounced like "fascist" only without the T on the end. Literally the thing that the term "fascist" came from.

And for the sake of fuck, chronic pain sufferers cannot just "take an aspirin." Chronic pain is not like your old shitty joints hurting, Jeff. Chronic pain requires serious pain management that over-the-counter drugs can't handle. Shut the fuck up you ignorant piece of shit.

Oh and great, so much for the income-based student loan repayment that was making life manageable. I guess when I'm evicted because I can't pay rent I'll have nothing to do but join the revolution and plan my revenge.

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