Thursday, February 1, 2018

Vicious Hate Crime Leaves Black Man With Traumatic Brain Injury

Reminder that areas considered "liberal," like the Pacific Northwest, are not racism-free zones. Less than two weeks ago, a young black man was viciously attacked from behind with a baseball bat by a racist. The racist, Julian Tuimauga, was upset because his sister spent the night with the victim,  DaShawn Horne. So he showed up at her home and attacked Horne from behind with a bat.

Horne is now fighting for his life with a traumatic brain injury. Doctors had to remove pieces of his skull due to all the swelling in his brain, and they had to perform surgery on his trachea. They say he'll have to be in the hospital for at least six months.

Thankfully, Tuimauga has already been charged with Washington State's hate crime statute. He was recorded by a Lyft driver screaming racial slurs while attacking Horne.

Of course, there's no mug shot or anything for the attacker, so I'm assuming he's white, otherwise the cops wouldn't be protecting him. This is the only photo I was able to find that was claimed to be him:

I found it on some weird news site, but unless this guy is actually a jeans model, I don't think that really is Julian Tuimauga.

I Google searched the image, and besides the one website where I found it, the only other site that popped up was a ridiculously racist message board with a post praising the attack. This is the world we live in.

Also because this is the world we live in, his family has to do a Go Fund Me to raise the money for Horne's treatment and to keep paying for his kid's child support. Thankfully, a lot of money has already been raised, but they still have a long way to go to meet their goals. And that goal isn't very high considering how ridiculously expensive hospital care is in this fucking country. My fellow white people should consider donating if you can.

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