Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Christian Right and TERFs Team Up Again


This is actually from last year but I'm pretty sure I didn't hear about it. If you've been keeping track of TERFs at all (and if you have, you have a stronger stomach than I), you've noticed a spike in a "campaign" to "drop the T" from LGBT. And they call the acronym for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist" a slur. It's accurate.

Turns out this campaign may have been the brainchild of the Christian Right.

The Christian right’s new strategy: Divide and conquer the LGBT community

“For all of its recent success, the LGBT alliance is actually fragile, and the trans activists need the gay rights movement to help legitimize them,” said Meg Kilgannon, a parent and director of Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County, during a panel discussion called “Transgender Ideology in Public Schools: Parents Fight Back.” 
Seeming to understand how far public opinion has moved on LGB rights, Kilgannon suggested that trans rights was still a battlefield where they could win. 
“Trans and gender identity are a tough sell, so focus on gender identity to divide and conquer,” she said, reports the Southern Poverty Law Center.

These fucks underestimate our community.

But it is alarming. Divide and conquer is a highly effective strategy, and they're tapping into an existing rift that exists between trans people and lesbian TERFs. It makes me wonder if some TERFs are fucking Russian bot accounts. Or just bot accounts.

I honestly don't know how TERFs justify their existence claiming to be radical while aligning themselves with the Christian Right that hates them. You hate trans women THAT MUCH you insufferable assholes? I hope you're proud of yourselves.

Still, the LGBT+ community, erratic and constantly frazzled as it is, will close ranks and fuck you up when threatened. That includes the trans community alone and all the rest of us queers who aren't total shitbags standing with them.

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