Monday, February 5, 2018

"Riots Are Bad"

Hey, remember when my fellow white people were complaining about the protests that erupted after Mike Brown was murdered, whether or not they lived anywhere near the city of Ferguson, because "how could they riot and destroy their own communities like that???"

Hahahahaha what the FUCK are you talking about?

[Trigger warning for mention of a woman being assaulted because of course that happened]

Terrifying Things Heard on the Philadelphia Police Scanner After the Eagles Won the Super Bowl

Note how everyone in the photos being weird, loud, or destructive are white people. But that's totally okay because a team won a sport game.

I just can't believe some of this shit.

10:50 p.m. “I got people coming up the ramps on 676 eastbound. I don’t have a clue how they’re getting up … Should I go up to get those people off 676?”

Did you know that any time a Black Lives Matter protest attempts to march onto a freeway in order to effectively disrupt traffic and get noticed, the Seattle police is THERE to block us and will flash bang and tear gas us if we get too close to their line? Remember last year when we simply tried to march to Westlake Park in order to counter protest a group of actual white supremacists and they blocked off our march so we couldn't be heard where at all effective or relevant and again gassed the peaceful crowd?

But football riots? "Uhhhh hey should I try to get these people off the freeway, Chief? I dunno lol whatevs."

Before telling me that riots are never okay after black people protest the police terrorism in their communities I'm gonna need you to pre-emptively fuck yourself.

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