Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Love the Parkland, Florida Students

I've expressed on this blog that I have mixed feelings about gun control, because part of me wants us to have access to as many guns as possible for the revolution. And I want communities of color to be able to have guns to fight against white supremacists, including the police.

BUT because I have a SOUL, that part of me is awful quiet right now. And honestly I will stand with the kids who survived the shooting for gun control because I love them.

I have gained so much respect for the younger generation, Generation Z or whatever you want to call it, in the past couple years. Part of this has been from being on Tumblr so much, which is mostly populated with teens. They are so plugged in, they are so passionate, they are so sharp. They get it, and they are done putting up with the bullshit. While I, as a Millennial, grew up with promises in the 90s and watched my future crumble, they have grown up in the shit. And instead of being hopeless, they are angry, and they are awake, and they are rejecting every bit of bullshit put out there by politicians and pundits.

If Millennials have failed to create real change, and I really feel like we already have, Generation Z will be the revolutionaries. And I feel a little shitty saying "Generation Z, save us from the problems we couldn't fix/helped to create!" Because I kind of hated older generations saying that to me. But I'm not asking them to save us. I'm asking them to save themselves, and I will stand with them, and if they decide that everyone over 25 has to die to save the world, I'll understand.

I don't think they will, but what I mean is that I'm willing to follow them despite the fact that I, like every human being, am plagued by the assumption that I know best. I only advise these students to lean into rejecting the bullshit. Don't waste time like I did arguing with people who are dedicated to misunderstanding you. Don't indulge pro-gun NRA-worshipping fucks in their terrible, terrible arguments, because you will get nowhere. It will be a waste of time, and they are counting on that. They are only repeating lies to further brainwash themselves and the others already hypnotized by the gun lobby, which truly does care far more about money and power than any child's life. Than the lives of all children.

Just know that, and use your power and energy to take that power away from the NRA and the gun lobby and the Republicans licking their nuts all day.

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