Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Headline of the Month

Hahaha what the fuck?

Pennsylvania church to bless hundreds of AR-15s, so local schools must bus children to another site

Okay, even I thought the term "cult of guns" was going a bit too far. But apparently I was COMPLETELY WRONG.

According to CBS News, the religious group believes that the AR-15 rifle, the same weapon used in numerous domestic terrorist murders, is the perfect symbol of the “iron rod,” or “iron scepter,” in Revelation 2:27.

I guess this is a pretty fringe church but seriously? Blessing guns?

The dudes who decided to include Revelations in the Bible made such a massive mistake.


The District sent a letter to parents of kids at the Wallenpaupack South Elementary School, which sits just half of a mile away from the Sanctuary Church, explaining students will spend the day Wednesday on the North Campus, a safety precaution prompted by the planned marriage blessing ceremony where participants are expected to bring AR-15 rifles.

Gun fetishists finding new ways to disrupt children's education and unnecessarily terrify their communities. God help us.

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