Thursday, February 15, 2018

FashMaps: Your Most Terrifying Friend


I've heard of FashMaps before, but today I came across a link to it and was blown away by how many points are now over the U.S. and the area where I live. It might just be that most contributors are from the U.S., but fuck, the points absolutely COVER the map when you zoom out at all.

So yeah, I recommend checking it out and seeing which fascists, white supremacists, and straight up nazis are organizing near you. If you're not aware, FashMaps keeps track of users from Daily Stormer and affiliated forums and pinpoints where they live and where they're organizing their little "book clubs" and "pool parties," i.e. white supremacist meetings where they plot how to spread their violence over the rest of us. 

They are ALL OVER Seattle. Be aware and be careful, everybody. Bookmark this and be sure to check it every now and then.

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