Friday, February 9, 2018

Cops Love White Supremacists



California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue 'anti-racist' activists, documents show

This is from The Guardian. I know hardline right-wingers like to act like The Guardian is some ultra-left rag, but it's not. And no part of that headline is exaggerated.

In one phone call with Doug McCormack, identified by police as the TWP affiliate who acquired the permit for the Sacramento rally, CHP investigator Donovan Ayres warned him that police might have to release his name in response to a public records requests. The officer said he would try to protect McCormack. 
“I’m gonna suggest that we hold that or redact your name or something until this gets resolved,” Ayres told McCormack, adding that he didn’t know who had requested records of the permit and noting, “If I did, I would tell you.”


The officer’s write-up about an African American anti-fascist activist included a photo of him at the hospital after the rally and noted that he had been stabbed in the abdomen, chest and hand. 
Ayres, however, treated the protester like a suspect in the investigation. The police investigator recommended the man be charged with 11 offenses, including disturbing the peace, conspiracy, assault, unlawful assembly and wearing a mask to evade police. 
As evidence, Ayres provided Facebook photos of the man holding up his fist. The officer wrote that the man’s “Black Power salute” and his “support for anti-racist activism” demonstrated his “intent and motivation to violate the civil rights” of the neo-Nazi group. He was ultimately not charged.

I mean.

Officers also worked with TWP member Derik Punneo to try to identify anti-fascist activists, recordings revealed. Officers interviewed Punneo in jail after he was  for an unrelated domestic violence charge. Audio recordings captured investigators saying they brought photos to show him, hoping he could help them identify anti-fascist activists. 
The officers said, “We’re pretty much going after them,” and assured him: “We’re looking at you as a victim.”

Literally. How do you interpret that as anything else but cops colluding, protecting, and pledging to defend LITERAL NAZIS like they're victims. They said it. THEY SAID IT.

And the article doesn't even stop there!

Nazis stab people, and the stabbing victims get arrested, and the nazis are promised that they'll be treated as the victims, and they are. Cops actively work to protect the identities of nazis while working with nazis to discover the identities of anti-fascists.

But let's not forget how many cops are white supremacists themselves. So.

Cops don't just love white supremacists. They are white supremacists. They are allies with nazis and said allies protect and support one another. USA in 2018.

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