Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Clearing Up Some TERF Lies

I just saw that this happened in New Zealand:

Anti-trans protesters interrupt Auckland's pride march

A pair of trans-exclusionary feminist protesters jumped the barriers and interrupted this year’s Auckland Pride march on the weekend, carrying an anti-trans sign at the front of the parade. 
The two held a sign reading ‘Stop giving kids sex hormones, protect lesbian youth’, Express has reported. 
Despite the commonly raised concern, trans children are of course not given sex hormones.

The idea that "kids" are given "sex hormones" because they're trans is a massive skewing of the truth. If they're lucky enough to be in a supportive environment, trans kids are given hormone BLOCKERS before puberty to delay it - something that is considered perfectly safe. This way, once they are 16 and everyone's super certain that the trans kid isn't just confused or faking it for attention or whatever bullshit people come up with, they can then undergo hormone replacement therapy. Which is also totally safe.

People using "hormones" as a scary buzzword is as ridiculous about people fretting about "chemicals" in their food and water. Chemicals literally make up the basis of EVERYTHING, and hormones are naturally produced by the body. Cis teens diagnosed with deficiencies of all kinds of different hormones are given medication to increase production or supplement. Also, birth control pills could absolutely be considered "sex hormones," since they contain estrogen. Should teens not be given birth control pills, TERFs?

Your transphobia is showing, so clearly, always.

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