Monday, February 26, 2018

Amazing Women of Color

This story about Mexico City not only highlights the terrifying reality of our fast-approaching worldwide water crisis, it's yet another example of how when things get tough, women are the ones to step up and take care of their communities.

These Women Are The Only Reason Some People In Mexico City Get Any Water

Liliana Espíndola’s patience ran out almost a decade ago. 
Espíndola and her neighbors in Iztapalapa had not received a drop of water through the tap for four months. Desperate, they had been forming human chains along streets where they knew water trucks would drive by, forcing the drivers to stop, and climbing onto the vehicles to make sure that they delivered water fairly and free of charge. But even that water was brownish and soon, people started getting sick. 
A natural-born leader, Espíndola knew this wasn’t sustainable. She convened a rally in January 2009 and then a major protest. Several hundred people spilled onto a nearby highway, blocking the road for hours and facing off with riot police. Then, they walked to the local government offices, barged in, and demanded a solution. 
In an extraordinary admission of the government’s inability to provide the most basic and essential commodity, authorities in Iztapalapa agreed to cede control to the people: Espíndola and her friends would now be in charge of water distribution in their neighborhood.

This entire story is amazing. These women actually took control of water distribution from the government. And they've been running it since 2009. Nine years. And they're doing this on top of their jobs and raising their children.

It's also horrifying. The water crisis in Mexico City is getting worse and worse. Though it could probably all be fixed with funding from a single billionaire. Fat chance that will happen, though.

Honestly, give these women control of the entire government. And all the money being hoarded by the world's billionaires.

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