Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Adorable Black Kid Helps Get Teachers The Raise They Needed

The entire state of West Virginia was teacher strike until yesterday because teachers are paid absolute shit there. As in worse than usual. According to the state governor, the words of 12-year-old Gideon Titus-Glover changed his mind.

This 6th-grader helped end West Virginia teachers' strike

The 6th-grader's plea to invest in education echoed in the governor's mind. In a matter of hours, Gov. Jim Justice agreed to a 5% pay raise for teachers and other school employees, putting an end to a strike that kept thousands of students out of class for days. 
"If you put money in schools you're making smart people, and if you have smart people you can make more smart investments," Gideon told Justice at a Monday town hall meeting in Wheeling.

Hey, what a concept! It's actually kind of depressing that the governor didn't understand this!

I'm actually kind of wondering if this is some kind of PR move because they were going to give in to the teacher's demands anyway. After all, a 5% raise, considering how little teachers get paid, is such a tiny ask. It makes it really sad that the ENTIRE STATE worth of teachers had to go on strike just to get that little.

Either way, little Gideon is not only super adorable, he's doing incredible work at the age of only 12, marching to help teachers and for the sake of justice. And I guess it's possible that Governor Jim Justice (fucking seriously that's his name oh my god the irony) had a Grinch-style tiny-heart-growing-three-sizes-that-day moment.

Black kids rule.

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