Monday, January 29, 2018

This Headline Temporarily Killed My Will to Live


I see (and write) a lot of terrible headlines these days, but it's rare that one makes my eyes roll back in my head as I have to ride out the temporary suspension of any will to live and hope my basic brain functions just keep my heart pumping.

Armed Trump Supporters in Az. Confront, Ask Native American Legislator If He "Is Here Legally"

Literally anybody brown is "illegal" to these people.

“We’re walking back, and they start yelling again, ‘Get out of the country.’ At that point, they pointed to Lisette, called her an illegal, and said, ‘Get out, go back home!’” Robles said. “But they pointed at Jane (Ahern), who works for the House, and they said, ‘No, you can stay.’” 
Ahern, a policy adviser for House Democrats, is white…”

Do you think, if confronted with the reality that some immigrants in this country are white, their brains would melt out of their eye holes?

The Native legislator,  Eric Descheenie, being classy as fuck, simply said to these racists: "Don’t ask me that question."

It just further proves that "illegal" is simple code for "you're not white and therefore I hate you" to these white supremacist assholes.

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