Wednesday, January 10, 2018

This Has Not Been in the News Enough


I've seen it on Facebook and Tumblr but honestly I don't think people are giving this enough attention or generally raging enough about it, so allow me.

Roy Moore accuser's house destroyed in fire, under investigation for arson

Moore accuser Tina Johnson of Gadsden lost her home Wednesday in a fire that's under investigation by arson specialists in Etowah County, Ala. 
A statement from the sheriff's office says authorities are speaking to a person of interest about the fire. The statement says investigators don't believe the fire is linked to Moore or the allegations against him.

Investigators can eat my entire ass.

This isn't the first time a survivor who came forward has had her home burned down in retaliation. This is why people accusing survivors of lying for attention or some other imaginary benefit make me livid beyond belief. Because survivors who come forward routinely lose everything for daring to stand up to rape culture. So.

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