Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thanks I Hate It

Will Democrats ever stop shitting on mentally ill people for their silly little gimmicks? I'm already tired of the dead-on-arrival for-shits-and-giggles bills in general but these "ha ha ha Trump is mentally ill just like all terrible people and therefore shouldn't be allowed to so anything" bills need to STOP.

‘Stable Genius Act,’ would require presidential candidates to have mental health exam

Seriously. Enough.

I love how "when they go low, we go high" only applies to useful actions like obstructing the shit out of a fascist wannabe dictator and calling them what they are, like white supremacists and neo-nazis, but doesn't apply to shitting all over oppressed communities.

Donald Trump is not mentally ill or disabled, and if he were, that wouldn't be what makes him an evil piece of shit. That's his character and massive privilege.

This bill will not pass, but if it somehow had a chance of passing, I would never want it to work. For the sake of fuck, part of the bill title, in its super duper clever acronym (sarcasm), is "standardized testing." Remind me, are Democrats generally unaware of how terrible and shitty standardized testing is? It does sound like a neoliberal thing. But this type of testing is designed to leave people out. Marginalized people.

So fuck you, Brendan.

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