Wednesday, January 24, 2018

So Remember All Those Horrible Things I've Been Talking About?


This is like a combination of the border agents being heartless murderers and the authorities targeting immigration activists.

Volunteer arrested hours after his group exposed Border Patrol dumping water left for migrants

Last week, humanitarian and immigrant rights organizations No More Deaths and La CoaliciĆ³n de Derechos Humanos released a report and videos that exposed Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents intentionally vandalizing and destroying life-saving jugs of water left by No More Deaths for border crossers in the desert. Just hours after the release, Scott Daniel Warren, an Arizona State University instructor and volunteer with the organization, was arrested on a federal harboring charge for providing two migrants with food and water.

You can be arrested for giving hungry people food and thirsty people water, apparently. Though I already knew that you can be arrested for feeding the homeless, too. Boy does our government hate it when we don't let the poor and desperate die.

This makes me want to move down south and spend all my free time leaving food and water out for immigrants/refugees or maybe straight up helping to smuggle people into the country because FUCK THIS MURDEROUS ANTI-IMMIGRANT BULLSHIT. 

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