Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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The #MeToo movement has been good, I have to admit. Just yesterday I saw news of a Republican staff member resigning because of allegations of sexual "misconduct" (it was rape). Even after the initial hype has died down, even Republicans can't get away with this shit anymore. But it needs to extend to women who are invisible (or, more accurately, preferably unseen) in our society.

Especially since these women have already been fighting so hard for themselves and each other.

Before #MeToo, women janitors organized to fight workplace harassment

“It was an experience that I wouldn’t wish upon any woman,” she told me back in 2015. During that interview, she could only describe what had happened to her as “sexual harassment,” and she could hardly even make eye contact with me. 
Today she’s a different person. When I meet up with her in early December, Hernández is leading other women in a self-defense class in downtown LA. They form a circle and practice how to shout “No!” to fend off an attacker. 
Hernández has a big grin on her face as she shows other women how to make a fist to punch someone in the nose.

You need to read the entire article because it's hecka empowering and I need to see this documentary if it's not too triggering. I also need to take one of these self-defense classes, for real.

But also, these women are amazing. Good for them. Great for them. It's always marginalized women who are at this kind of thing first, before rich white ladies make them public. I hope that Georgina Hernández has a wonderful life and finds so much happiness. And if I hear that ICE has touched her I will lose my fucking mind.

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